Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Over it!

I am so over winter! Blah... I am tired of sickness. I am Tired of being cooped up. I am tired of having to bundle up. I am tired of chapped lips because of winter and I am tired of high utility bills because of running the heat!  :) can you tell I am ready for Spring! The wind is insane here this morning! Lucy really didnt want to go out and potty this morning! I don't blame her.. I wouldn't want to potty outside with all the wind either! She made it pretty quick which was good for me because I didnt have to wait around on her. 
We had a really good day yesterday.. The weather was gorgeous. Matthew was off work and we got a lot accomplished! We have been wanting to clean out and organize the shed for awhile. It has literally been the place we shove stuff and slam the door! I can't explain how bad it was and it made me cring everytime I opened the door!! Yesterday we finally took everything out, put in the workbenches and shelving, then got all the trash thrown away. We put workbenches to store all Matthew's tools, industrial shelving that we put plastic container on. In the containers we seperated stuff out ( extension cords, gardening tools, car cleaning stuff, etc) we also put up garment racks for all matthews hunting clothes!!! When we finshed I was so excited!! I kept going back and looking! We still have a few things to do but overall we are really proud of the change!! 
Last night we went to Matthew's moms house to celebrate his sisters birthday! We had wonderful food and I completely blew the somewhat diet I am on.... I think we all over ate. We just kind of sat around and looked at each other when we finished! :) after supper and cake, we played Heads Up! If you have not played it I recommend it! It is my new favorite game! There are different catagories and you place the card above your head, then we give you clues to guess what the card says on your head!! The catagories are so fun- Hey Mr. dj ( hum the song and they have to guess!), act it out (they guess what you are acting) and so many other good ones! Charlyn's boyfriend, Chet was there and at one time I look over and he is just cracking up! I can only imagine what he thinks about us!! Hopefully, all good because Jagger thinks he hung the moon and all the other stuff in the sky! Jagger says they are best friends! ;) I love kids! It was nice to have a fun night of laughing with the family! 
On a different note, I have something that has been weighing on me and its driving me nuts!! The last several years I have been dealing with a few people who really hurt my feelings! They are very hard to be around because they are so spoiled and rude they don't even know it! They just say and do hurtful things. I just have to hold my tongue when I am around them! There for awhile it got to where I could just blow it off and not even think twice about it but for some reason all of a sudden it is bothering me again! I have to spend alot of time in prayer and it sometimes stresses me out! I hope I am not the only person that goes through this! I was raised completely different than these people and maybe thats why sometimes it bothers me! We are from completely different planets! If I said things they do around my parents, I would have never seen the light of day! I also didn't get everything handed to me whenever I wanted it. I remember growing up getting so upset at mom and dad when I didn't get things but now I am so grateful for my parents teaching me things like that! I am grateful they taught me respect. I am grateful they taught me to appreciate things and I am grateful they taught me to fend for myself. This morning in quite time, I fianlly handed it to God and said here you go! I can't do this. I can't let these people determine my happiness or steal my joy! Help me to see them in love and how you see them God. And most of all forgive them for they know not what they do! I instantly felt better! ;) its amazing how we can let things weigh us down but when we finally decide to hand it over to God, he will take care of it! Sorry to get off on all that but it was really wearing me out! 
I am excited because tonight we are taking Jagger to see the Harlem Globetrotters! I can't wait to spend some much needed quality time with our big guy! I know it will be a blast! 
Hope everyone has a blessed day! 
Lots of love...

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