Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Fun Times!

Last night, Matthew and I got to take Jagger to see the Harlem Globetrotters! We had a blast! The whole time since he got the tickets, he has not been too excited! I think most of it was he had no idea what were really going to, but as soon as we sat down he was happy! He smiled and laughed through the whole thing! Our seats were really awesome. We were not on the floor but the second row from the floor, so we could see everything! There was one thing I was really disappointed in and it was a performance during half time! (Warning: some people may not agree and Im sorry! We all have our own opinions!) so during half time all these young girls walk out on the court dressed all in black( pants and jackets with hoods) and when I say young, I mean girls in junior high all the way down to 5 or 6. The music starts and it is this horrible rap music I couldnt understand, and immediatley they are dancing so vulger... Even the small girls! They take off jackets and have on some kind of tank top.  Then the tank tops come off and they are all wearing sports bras, even the small girls! The whole time they were thrusting and grinding to this awful music! I was in shock and really couldnt even watch it. I was horrified that the small 5 and 6 year old were out there doing this! I was trying to distract Jagger with my phone and he kept asking me what they were doing???? It was really strange and awkward! Matthew and i talked about it when we got home and we saying it was not cute, good or anything. It was just  awful! I just do not agree with putting small young girls on stage in hardly any clothes and teaching them to dance nasty and flaunt their bodies! Makes me sad....  There are so many weirdos in the world and like Matthew said last night that was a pedifiles dream! Yuck I know.  Im sorry.  I will get off that soapbox! I hope I dont upset anyone but I just couldnt believe it! Besides that random moment it was a fantastic night! If you ever get the chance to see the Globetrotters, you should go. You wont be disappointed! 
We dont have much going except staying inside and doing house work! Nothing fun! Today I will be making a new recipe so I will get to tell you all about it! 
We also trying to prepare for Jagger friend party! He wanted a circus so we are doing a small carnival/ circus! I love parties but it does kind of stress me out trying to get everything rounded up! I have learned to scale back because kids could care less! Just give them a jumpy house or just an open room with some balls, a cake and juice and they are good! Kids don't care about all the other junk that us parents think we have to have! I have officially quit looking on pinterest when it comes to parties and stuff because I then really get stressed because I think I have to do everything on there and it just doesn't happen that way! I get tired of Pinterest telling me how I need to celebrate birthdays! Now dont get this skewed. I Heart Pinterest! There are awesome ideas out there and I love the recipes, but sometimes I get overwhlemed looking because I feel like I need to do all of it! Hope that doesnt seem strange, but if it does.. What can I say? im strange sometimes! ;) 
Ok time to get off here and spend alittle time with Hudson. He is yelling at me so I guess that means Mom get off there and focus on me!! 
Hope everyone has a blessed day! 
Lots of love

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