Thursday, January 9, 2014

Let the celebration begin!

Tomorrow Is Jagger's big day! He will turn 5! He is so excited about being 5! Mommy on the other hand is not so excited! He is still suppose to be a toddler running around here. He is for sure running around, just bossing instead of toddling! ;) 
Tonight was the family party and it was great! We had a wonderful time and Jagger always gets beyond excited when the family comes over! He was driving me nuts today asking every 5 minutes what time it was and if it was time for everyone to be here! I thought if he ask one more time I would scream! It reminded me of, "are we there yet" "are we there yet" "are we there yet" NO we are not there  yet! We will get there when we get there! :) 
When everyone got here we had Jagger's choice of supper- Pizza. Then we did cake and a party is not complete without the most important thing- Presents! Jagger is to the age where he doesnt even care what is wrapped- its just how many! We could seriously go to Dollar Tree, buy $25 worth of toys and wrap each one individually. He would be in Heaven! I was laughing because some of the stuff he didnt even realize what it was until after everyone was gone and we could sit down and discuss it! He played for awhile after everyone left and now all my boys are passed out! All 3 mouths open snoring! :) makes me happy! 
Tomorrow for his real birthday we are going to the place parents dread the most- Chuck E Cheese! I use to despise the place but we only going during the week when no one is there so I actually enjoy it! I have drove by on a Saturday and the line is out the door! There is no way I would attempt it then. We are also going to do a little bit of birthday shopping! I am looking forward to spending the time with him considering last year we had to celebrate in St Louis while going back and forth to the hospital! Weare definitely   making up for last year!   Little brother is getting to stay with Nana Milam and I know he will be getting spoiled also! Its going to be a great day! 
Hope everyone has a blessed night! 
Lots of love 

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