Saturday, January 4, 2014


Wow! I can't believe it is 2014! I was just getting use to 2013 and now we are changing it up! I was sitting here thinking about 2013 and I still feel at times it was a dream! I can not believe what we went through but we did and we came out alright! I know we came out stronger! I never want anyone to go through it because its not fun but I can say I feel blessed we did go through it. I know you thinking what?? Why would she feel blessed?? Well we made relationships we never would have made- people that have touched our hearts forever, we touched others lives that we never would have, we grew stronger in our faith, we witnessed firsthand miracles, and we learned things we never would have. I know there is a scripture in James that talks about going through trials and how you will basically grow in faith!! I think this is us! 
Anyway, I didnt post at all through the holidays because I just wanted to enjoy every second! I had alot of emotions and cried alot! And not because I was sad but tears of joy! Not only were we celebrating the birth of our Savior but also Hudsons life! It was a special time for us! I loved seeing my whole family together! 
Well, with a new year brings new things! I get kind of excited with a new year because its like new beginnings and you never know what the year will hold! Instead of making resolutions I am making goals! Things I can work towards because I know resolutions get broke so easy! So here goes....
*commit to 30 minutes or less a day for Internet(Facebook, instagram, pinterest, shopping)! I feel like at times my life get easily consummed with these things and it bothers me! I feel like when I cut back I can use that time to read, spend time with kids, house work, more time with God, many other things! 
* spend more quality time with kids and husband- for kids-not just watching them play but getting in the floor and playing with them!!! No phones, no ipads, just one on one play time!  Husband- commit to date nights at least every other week! We need the time together so bad!!! I know our marriage has taken a back seat severally!!
* exercising and taking care of my body- I dont want to just diet! I want to change the way we eat and do it for health reasons! Yes I think its ok to splurge but I want us to take care of ourselves!! Fruits and Veges and not eating out so much!
*Getting back on track with God- i feel like I have put God on the back burner! I am not sure if it is just having a new baby, waking up in the night to feed, trying to get adjusted , and not being able to go to church but my time with him has definitly taken a back seat! I still pray and talk to him but I am ready to get back on track!  
These are my main ones for now and I know I will come up with more but I want my main focus of this year to be happy and stress free! I want to enjoy every second! I know there will be hard times but I know with God we will be fine! I can't wait to see what the year holds! 
Hope everyone has a blessed day! 
Lots of love! 

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