Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Growing up!

Well my baby boy is growing up... Friday he will be 5! I can not believe this! I feel like just yesterday we were getting ready to leave for the hospital and then boom I blinked and here we are 5 years later! Why and how does this happen??? Life is so precious and I think it is so important to reasure every minute! Jagger cracks me up because he knows what he wants and this is in every area! In our family we always have a "family" party! This is just family. The birthday boy or girl gets to pick what food they want for supper and the flavor of cake! Jagger told me for his family party we are having it at our house with pizza and chocolate cake! He also went on to tell me what decorations and where to put them! We spent this afternoon decorating for the family party tomorrow night! He is so excited that he ask me if we could call everyone and have them come at 5pm instead of 6:30! He also decided he wants to take batman birthday cakes to school with Capri Suns to drink! I like a man who knows what he wants! :) 
So besides my kiddos growing up too fast nothing much has been going on! This weather has been insanely cold which means we are not going anywhere but we havent gone anywhere anyways! We are really keeping Hudson away from germs! He is stilling getting the Rsv shot so we are doing our best to make sure he doesnt get sick! We did slack up alittle during the holidays but now we are really trying to be strick on not going anywhere in public! I get sick thinking of all the nasty germs out there! 
If you read my last blog post then you know I did not make New Years Resolutions but instead goals! Im glad I didnt make resolutions because I would have already broken one! I figure with goals I can work towards what I want! :) the goal I broke was the 30 minute on the internet! I was trying to order stuff for Jagger's birthday then came across some good deals! I didnt spend a horrible amount of time but it definitly wasn't 30 minutes! I just want to make sure I don't become too consumed with internet and social media! I did think of a new goal I want to add to my list! I want to try and start making at least 3 new recipes a week from my food board on Pinterest! I have so many good ones pinned and I feel like I am in a food rut! Spaghetti, tacos, ham, chicken, spaghetti, tacos, ham, chicken..... I get in this crazy cycle of the same food! And whats sad is I have a love and passion for cooking! I guess new baby at home has thrown me for a new one! And he isnt even new anymore! ;) I plan on cooking these recipes and then letting everyone know on here how it turned out! This will help me keep record of what we liked and maybe help you find new things to try also!  Win win situation! 
Well i better try and get some shut eye before baby wakes up for night time bottle! 
Hope everyone has a blessed night. 
Lots of love 

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