Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!!

I'm Loving that tonight I actually ran alittle and my knee didn't hurt!!! yay! Hopefully I can start again!

I'm Loving that I got to spend time with my sweet grandma this week! I love her so much!

I'm Loving that today we had white columns put out in the front of our house! This is a big deal because it was black wrought iron from the 70's! It makes our house look so good! We are very excited! I will post pics!

I'm Loving these napkins I bought today!! Thank you TJ MAXX!!!- love this store!

I'm Loving this shirt I bought! and it was only 7.00!!! even better!

I loved it on! I am thinking with my dark trouser jeans and a long necklace!!!

I'm Loving my new bedspread!! I told you that I am redoing the master bedroom! Well .....I finally got my now its time to start on all the rest! - excuse the room is normally clean but I am trying to get stuff figured out and I just threw this over the bed to see if I would like it! What do you think? Will post more pictures as the room gets finalized!

I'm Loving our amazing heavenly father and of course!! my wonderful hubby and sweet baby boy!!
Excuse the way I look!! Its so hot outside- no time for lookin cute!

acting silly!!

He got busted getting in the cake!!!
Link up with Jamie and let us know what you love!!! Hope you had a blessed Wednesday!!


  1. Great post! Love that top girl!!!!!!

  2. megan that shirt is super cute- where is it from?! oh and fabulous blog too! i can't wait to read more! xo