Friday, August 26, 2011

Dance The Night Away! are probaby wondering what in the world I am talking about??? Well.......that is one of my favorite songs! Dance The Night Away by Van Halen....If you had read my blog from the beginning then you know that I have a love for music...but what you may not know! - is that I love to dance!!!! Now...I am not saying that I am a good dancer, but I do love to dance or should I say try to dance!.....I have had some kind of dance and/or music around me my entire life! and my favorite movie ever is Dirty Dancing, which is all about dancing...If you have never seen it-shame on you!

When I was little, all the way up until I was in high school, my dad's side of the family would have these HUGE parties on New Years, and 4th of July- These parties consisted of eating, drinking (the adults of course) - me and my cousins were always off riding four wheelers or swimming on the 4th, and then on new years we were playing hide and go seek outside, having huge nintendo competitions, or watching movies!) and then dancing.....On New Years, the family always had a band that would come and play at my uncles shop! It was something I always enjoyed. The band music was normally country - Hank Williams Jr., Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Don Williams, Ronny Milsap- you get the picture...then when the band would take a break it was time for my dad to crank up the sterio with alittle bit of Tom Petty, Van Halen, Def Lepord, AC/DC, and tons of other back to the story..I would always sit and watch everyone dance! The first time I ever saw mom and dad slow dance I wanted to cry (my dad was never the dancing type)...It was Jeff Healey Band- Angel Eyes! -such a great song! We played it at our reception...that song has always been one of my favorites since then!
Besides the family parties, me and mom would go with my grandma and her friends to the senior citizen dance club- Don't Make Fun! I LOVED going, and it was alot of fun! This is where I learned to two-step.
In school, I was a cheerleader for several years, so dancing was invovled in this! It was different dance but I really enjoyed it! In the town I grew up in, dance birthday parties were so popular in middle school and junior high! Your parents would rent out a big room and hire a dj and everyone would dance! It was fun! Then when we started getting older, we had school dances, which were always a blast! My senior prom was the one of the best times I have ever had! None of us had a date, so we all just went together! We danced  from the time we walked in the door until we left! It is a night I will never forget! ;)
I find myself dancing ALL the time! It is quite hysterical...I am sure people think I am nuts...If there is anything on that has a beat there is going to be a good chance I will be moving! It was funny because the other night at the BAPTIST revival! You see the word Baptist- we don't dance- one of the songs we sang was so up-beat and wonderful, I would catch myself clapping, and sort of moving my hips..I was thinking, Megan stop.Not in church! hahahha - I had to really contain myself.
Tonight, I am home alone because Matthew and Jagger went to the first football game and I have danced all over the house! I guess where I am going with this whole thing is even if you can't dance or don't like to...when you are all alone put on your favorite song and just dance! I even dance while I am cleaning- and I am pretty sure I have danced to Jagger's kiddy music! I know you probably think I am nuts but it will honestly make you feel better or make you smile- and isn't that what life is suppose to be about? enjoying it to the fullest!
So, I hope you have not read this and now think I am crazy! I just want to show that we should enjoy our life and be happy, so if that means dancing in the living room while cleaning- do it! ;)
Hope everyone has a blessed night! ;)

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