Monday, August 22, 2011


I am very frustrated right I was thinking that blogger will help calm me down! We went to the revival and I took Jagger down to the nursery and he threw a FIT....crying and telling me not to I took him up to the church with me and all he did was wanna talk loud and say that he wanted to see his daddy and he wanted to go back and play! I was getting so upset at I decided to take him back down to nursery because that is what he wanted....but when we get out of the sanctuary, he starts crying saying he wants to go back to church...he was kicking his feet and all this stuff I do NOT stand for!!! so I put his little rear in the car and we left! I was so mad I wanted to cry! I wanted to be at the revival and of course Jagger decides to act crazy! oh well.....guess that is what happens when we have kids!  I hope this does not make me sound like a horrible mom...I guess I was being selfish and was hoping I could enjoy the revival! God had a different plan for me ;)
Other than that small has been great! We got our furniture painted!!!! This morning we started about 10am. Jennifer and Nolen came over to help! It worked out great because the boys played while we worked on the furniture. It was so hot outside, we were dripping in sweat! I am so proud of the furniture I can't hardly stand it! I have for sure found my new hobby!!!!!

getting started!


the boys playing!

pretty much finished! I am so happy about it!
turqouise side table!
My side table is my favorite thing.....I am done with it...this was a picture before I got it completely finished! I am going to do a picture of the whole room when I get it done so you will see it all the way then! I am so ready to start on my new piece of furniture....My next plan is to do my table...I am thinking cream with antique on top!!!! I have several ideas...not quite sure which one!??
After working the dresser and chest for about 4 hours, we were all exhausted and smelled because of the heat! ;) We decided it was time to quit for the day and plus we needed to get ready for church! I had no clue what to eat for supper so I threw together a quick meal and it was so yummy!   I dipped chicken tenderloins in flour and panko bread crumbs and then fried them...once the chicken was done, I made a sauce with the drippings from the chicken..I used the new Philadelphia cooking cream, cream of chicken and milk....I used bowtie pasta..put the chicken on top, then poured the sauce over it!! was amazing!!! and it was so fast and easy! -makes it even better huh??? ;)

Well..I am going to get off here and enjoy spending time with my boys!
Hope everyone had a blessed day!


  1. Sorry to hear about your son and your not being able to go to the Revival.

    I LOVE that side table!

  2. Visiting from MoneyFamilyMusings! This dinner DOES look amazing! Gonna try it!! Are there instructions on the Cooking cream? I haven't tried it yet, but have seen it on alot of blogs.

  3. Where are the after pictures of them completely finished? I'm dying to see!