Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Great Day!!!

Today has been a great day!! When I got up, I got some laundry done and then just sat around with Jagger!! We had bought him the movie The Fox and the Hound a few days ago but never got a chance to watch it! He finally decided today that he wanted to watch it so while we ate breakfast we decided to try it out!! Jagger is VERY Picky about his shows and movies...He is so faithful to the ones he likes that it is hard for him to watch a new one!! I was very shocked he wanted to give it a try!  I am not good at just sitting down and watching a movie so I was multi-tasking...I was drinking my coffee, looking at pinterest, folding clothes, and cleaning the bathrooms!! Hahah. This is a bad habit of mine that I am working on! Matthew says I need to learn to sit and relax and really watch a movie instead of doing a million other things while it's on! Oh and I found an amazing new cleaning product I love!!! It's called Fabulouso (love the name!!) and it is amazing!!  The only reason I found out about it, is I walked into my mother-in-laws kitchen last week and it smelled amazing! She said this what she used!!! So today I used it in the bathrooms and it's awesome!! Try it. I think it was only $1!!! Even better huh?!! So anyways after all that we decided we would go swimming!!
Sorry, that the picture is not the best, but you get the picture- He was happy about getting to go swimming! After we got done swimming, we came home and rested! Matthew is playing with the band in our church revival next week so this week they are having major practices!! so I am trying to have supper ready when he gets home so he can eat quick then get to church! Tonight our supper consisted of breakfast food! Biscuits, sausage, hashbrowns, and eggs! We LOVE breakfast food for supper! Strange huh?? and tonight we dined in a different location!
In Jagger's room on his little table!!! hahah! Matthew and I were not too comfortable but it was fun! ;) After we crammed supper down our throat and I cleaned up the kitchen, Matthew wanted to try and mow part of the yard- and of course he always has a helper!

I love this picture so much!!!! Its alittle small and I was playing around with the ipod! I love how it turned out! Matthew got done mowing and left to go to church! Jagger was super upset, so the only thing that cheered him up was making a trip to Wally World!!! I needed to get groceries anyway so it worked out!
I have started a new project for my room- and while at Wal-Mart, I picked up the few supplies I needed! When I got home we got started- I worked on my project and I picked up some paint for Jagger! He thought he was so special!

I am going to distress the nightstand and then paint it turqouise! Here are some of my inspirations for this project!

I am really loving the painted furniture! Its gorgeous! this weekend we are going to start painting the dresser and chest for the bedroom black! This is fun but I will be glad when its all done and we can just enjoy the room!!!
Well....its time to spend some precious time with my sweet boys and enjoy these wonderful Nutella cookies I just made! Yummo!

Hope everyone has a blessed night!

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  1. I love that distressed turquoise table idea! :) Its so cute