Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August = HOT!!!!

ok.....it is officially hot outside!! I think tomorrow the heat index is suppose to be 117!!! In the South, August is always the hottest month of the year!!! It use to really get on my nerves when I was in school because you would try to do back to school shopping and right now the stores are getting all long sleeve! Well, who in the world can wear long sleeve in 117 degree weather??? I never understood that! Normally we can not wear long sleeve till the middle of September and even then its light weight!  but anyways, thank God for air conditioner! This is on my thank you list every single day!!!
Not much is going on in The Cohn family! We are just trying to stay cool! I am working on getting ready for my real estate test so that is taking up alot of time! Jagger is not happy because he LOVES to be outside but when we go outside he gets too hot! so I am trying to come up with cool stuff for him to do inside!
So, I have had several things on my mind the last few days. Sunday at church really hit at home! I love days like this! Our Sunday school discussion was amazing! We talked about unforgiveness and how "the truth" is offensive! Rodney, our teacher, started a discussion on how if you have unforgiveness in your heart towards anyone it will eat you alive! I have never thought I had people that I needed to forgive but the more I have thought about it...I think I do! There have been people in my life who have hurt me or done things that I have not agreed with..and instead of forgiving them immediately and moving on..I have held onto it and let it build up inside of me! and that is completely wrong and not the right thing to do!!! No matter what they have done forgive them- this is much easier said than done!  Rodney was telling us that forgetting is a different story but forgive them and you will have peace immediately! so....please pray for me as I work out this whole unforgiveness thing going on! I know God has an amazing plan for me and I never want unforgiveness to be something that keeps me from being happy! - sorry to randomly throw this out there but it has been on my heart!!!
Also, we are getting major things done to our house this week and the weeks to come! I can't wait! and I think we have finally found someone to build our patio on the back!! Can't wait! I will post pictures as we get everything done!
Hope everyone has a blessed day! Love ya!


  1. I too struggle with forgiving those people who have hurt.

  2. Wow that is hot! Im here in Texas and weve been over 100 for I think 40 days now! Hopefully you and Jagger can find something fun to do inside :)