Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!!

I'm Loving that even though I am not going tonight, I got to be apart of the revival at church!! God is doing amazing things in our church! I feel so blessed to watch him do his work!

I'm Loving flea markets/antique store!!! I got to go in one today and I found several things!!!! I am so excited!
I bought a chair that I am so in love with...but I am having a hard time with it...I am not sure it goes in our living room so I am thinking I will put it in my spare room and make it my quite time chair!!

I love this shabby chic print! so sweet!

egg plate!!! $4! woohoooo  and I LOVE the color!!!
yes...this is a PEACOCK vase!!!! I about passed out when I saw it! ;)
I'm Loving that today I got to spend time with Jennifer and the boys got to play!! We made the cutest lunch for them ...found it on Pinterest!

a spider!!!! we took hot dogs and stuck pasta through them to make spiders, an octopus, and jelly fish!! the boys LOVED them!!!
Mommy lunch- grilled chicken wing dip sandwich! Yummo

I'm Loving that I am starting exercise class at 5am this coming Monday!!! Yay...I can't wait!

I'm Loving this pillow for our living room!

I'm Loving in a month we will be laying on the beach!!!!

I'm Loving my sweet boys! and of course our amazing Heavenly Father!

Link up with Jamie and tell us what you love! Hope everyone had a blessed Wednesday!!

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  1. I need a friend to go bargain hunting with...there are great antique shops by us but no friends wanting to go. If only you were closer! Love your loves!! Happy Wednesday!