Monday, August 1, 2011

Becoming Crafty!!

I have never been super crafty! I have always had the ideas but never went for them! WELL.....that has changed over the last few weeks! For some reason, I have decided to be crafty! I think my love for pinterest has helped! It has really helped me get me started in these projects! Last week, we made Gigi a crayon wreath for her classroom...I will have to get a picture! Then on Saturday, I made this wreath for my front door!
Not amazing but I thought it was pretty good for my first project! I had a broken frame and just spray painted it then bought the "c" and glued it in the middle! super easy!
and here is my project for this week!!!
I already have the we just have to put them together, add the wheels and stain it!! I can't wait! I will post pics when it gets finished!
What projects have you done or are working on?
Hope you are having a super blessed day on this very hot day!!!


  1. We can be best friends forever.

    I so pinned that wreath on pinterest!!! =)

    I am jealous.

    p.s.-Make me one.

  2. Love your C wreath! What a cute idea!