Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekend Recap!

It has been a great weekend...Hot but great! I love weekends but they go by way too fast!
Thursday night-  We had Allyson's birthday party!!! Yay! It was alot of fun and she got tons of cute stuff! If you don't know this about our family...on each family member's birthday we have a birthday party! Cake, candles, your choice of supper, decorations, presents! Its really neat! It was also kind of a sad night because it was the last night we were going to get to see Charlyn before she left to move to her new home!!! Charlyn is a twin......Its Charlyn and Claire...and this is the first time they have been seperated....they called it their divorce! ;) We know its going to be tough on them but we are proud of them and know they will do great!
happy birthday allyson!

I love my family! I am blessed beyond words!
Friday- Didn't do much on Friday! Jagger and I went to the grocery store...then we went to Matt's grandmas that night! Matt's Aunt and Uncle were in town so we got to visit with them! Grandma Betty and Pa are on vacation with Uncle Jon Jon and Aunt Kelli...they were leaving from Grandma and Pa's house on Saturday morning so that is why they were in town! and guess where they are going??? The OuterBanks! Yes...Im jealous! Its going to be gorgeous! I will go there one day! Its on my list! While we were over visiting, the kids got to swim and just hang out! We had a blast! ....
cousin sandwich!!
Saturday- We had a great day on Saturday! We just hung out with Justin, Allyson and Aunt JuJu all day! We swam, cooked out, and laughed until we cried! (great song!) .....

nap time!

grillin' with the guys!

enjoying the pool!

drowning in the wave pool!

Sunday- Today has been great so far! We went to church this morning and Jagger did great! I was so happy! Normally, he is not good in church but today he just sat there like a good boy! The message in church and Sunday school was amazing! Rodney ask a question in Sunday School that really stuck with me and it was- if you had a camera follow you around for 24-48 hours and then we showed it to the church, would the church know you are a true follower of Christ!! wow! It makes you realize how important you live your life even behind closed doors! know how I told you we are redoing our bedroom...well we are one step closer! the only bad thing is we are going to have to repaint..that is on the list for this week! I am not sure Matt's knows about this but he will when he reads it! :) hahah......but anyways here was my project for this weekend!
Still have some touch-ups to do where I got paint on the mirror but overall I LOVE IT!!! so we still have to paint furniture black, find curtains, hang chandelier, and then it will pretty much be done!
So what did you do this weekend???
Hope you had a blessed weekend!!


  1. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

  2. Love the mirror! And yes, "Laughed Until We Cried" is a GREAT song. One of my favorites!