Monday, August 15, 2011


I can't not believe its pretty much the middle of August!!!! Where has this year gone??? I mean school is starting this week! Wow! Jagger and I are just sitting here enjoying each other and I was thinking it will be no time before he starts school! I better enjoy every second while he is still a baby because I will blink my eyes and he will be graduating and off to college! This weekend was also when Aunt JuJu and Uncle David moved cousin Justin aka Justy off to college! It is such a bittersweet time! He is going to Auburn so we are super pumped!!! We love southern schools! He is very excited and happy so that is all that matters, but we will miss him! ;)
so, last night I told all about my adventure in St. Louis on Saturday! We didn't get home till around 11 and I was suppose to cook for Sunday School! When we got home Matthew ran to Wal-Mart to get my is the recipe I planned on...
Its a sausage egg and cheese muffin! I found this on pinterest and thought it was super cute! Jennifer was suppose to cook with me so we thought it would be cute to do a "cupcake" theme...she was going to do a chocolate or something sweet cupcake and then i would do these!!! So, before I went to bed on Saturday night which was around 12, I sat my alarm for 6am! I figured this would give me plenty of time to get up, get ready and get this cooked! Oh and I had nursery for the 8:30am it was going to be a busy morning!!
I wake up to Matthew shaking me saying, "Megan, wake up its 7:15!!!" I fling out of bed in a panic....I could not focus and started to panic....I knew there was no time for anything....What am I going to do???? blah..I hate mornings like these! I wanted to cry! but after I got calmed down and woke up...I started thinking clearly! I got ready...and my getting ready consumed of throwing on a dress, putting a little make up on and running the flat iron through my hair! It was for sure a thrown together job! but I got ready and got Jagger ready and then started thinking on Sunday School?? What can I do? and guess who saved the day? HARDEE'S!!!

I went through the drive through and picked up 11 sausage biscuits!! It was perfect...we just split them in half and I don't think there were any left! ;)
After I picked up the food, we made it to church! Nursery was crazy but it went well...Jennifer and I had ten kids! That is tough but they had a good time! and my sweet Jagger did his own thing...he normally is really clingy and will not play but this time he played and didn't even notice when I left for Sunday School! I am so happy...this is something I have been praying about for over a year and I think we are finally getting somewhere!
Sunday School was amazing!!!! Rodney was really blunt and to the point...and I love this! Some people do not care for this because they find it offensive but like Rodney says...the gospel is many times offensive! Please keep our Sunday School class in your prayers! Many great things are happening and we are really working on thinking outside of the box and doing things outside of our comfort zone to reach others and spread the wonderful story of Christ! Its such an amazing thing! I feel so blessed to be apart of a special group of people! ;)
After church, we went to Matthew's grandmas house to eat lunch! It was nice to see them! they have been gone on vacation this last week so Jagger was very excited to see them! We spent part of the afternoon over there and then came home to take a nap! We went back for supper then after supper, went over to Rodney and Deana's house to hang out with the youth! We had a blast! Jagger was running around the house like a crazy person..he loved the attention from all the youth! He even put on his T-Rex costume for them! It was hysterical! We ended up staying over there until 10! Deana- I promise we won't stay so late next time! ;)
Even though it was a crazy busy and somewhat stressful weekend..I made it through it and even learned a few things.....Do Not get stressed over a test! Its just a test- and there are worse things out there and if you wake up late in a panic, just calm down and God will take care of it!!
Hope everyone has a super blessed Monday!!!!

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  1. Gosh, those things DO look good.

    and I hate rushed mornings!!!!