Sunday, August 14, 2011

Half Good News- Half Bad News!!!!

Oh my goodness...we have been so busy!!! I am sad that my blog has been shoved to the back burner for the last few days but when you are going 90-to nothing all day...its on my mind but I just can't find time to sit down and write!!! so...finally here I am!! I have so much to recap I am going to do part tonight and finish tomorrow!! you all probably know I took my national real estate test on Saturday in St. Louis, Missouri! Which mind you is a 3 or more hour drive from us!!! I scheduled my test for 1:30 in the afternoon, thinking that would give us plenty of time to get there and figure out where we were going! and we wouldn't have to get up at the crack of dawn!! Wrong- I was still up at 5:00am! and let me tell you...I am NOT.....I will say it again...Not a test taker! I get severe anxiety and worry until I have chewed all my fingernails off...I can't eat because my stomach is so tore up!! Its really sad..It is something I am working on!
So anyways, most of last week I studied every day and night! I think I was getting to the point of over studying!! but I was prepared!! By Friday night, I was ready....I had done all the practice tests and passed...reviewed terms....did math questions....all of it! I even sat down and wrote out scriptures to keep in my pocket to keep me from have such bad anxiety! I prayed and told God to just take care of it and to help me through the nervous stuff!!! (oh yeah...I also was reading over the instructions for the test and on it it tells you that you will be provided with a locker to store you personal belongings and in the test area you can take nothing!!!!! and when they say nothing ..they mean jewelry except wedding pencil..paper...nothing! remember this!)
Saturday morning- wake up...get in the shower....feeling really good about this...get my coffee...get my morning bible study and then we get on the road! The whole way there I was just trying not to think about it! We had Jagger with us....and he was not in the best mood because we had to wake him up so early! We get to St. Louis around 11:30 so we had about 2 hours to spare....We find the place and decide to just stay real close so we will not get stuck in traffic and be late! Olive Garden was close by so we ate lunch there! and then it was time! I am shaking when Matt drops me off at the door. By this time...Matthew had decided that he is going to take Jagger to the zoo because I would be given 4 hours for the test! and seriously its hard to entertain a toddler in a parking lot for 4 hours! so I was happy they would get to go to the zoo! I kiss them by and tell them I will call them! I walk in the door and the guy looks at me and says...NO purses in the can't  have anything...we have no where for you to put them!!!!!! What??? My response, "Sir, My husband just dropped me off and is heading to the zoo.!"  He says, " Well, there is a him to come back and get your stuff...when the test is over you can call him from this phone!!" I am thinking ok..whatever! I call Matthew and luckily he is not he turns around and comes get my purse...that has my money, cell phone, id..everything!!!!! I go back and get started! I sit down and immediately pray! I just was going to put this in God's hands!   oh and I didn't have a calculator! There was a huge said they would provide one..there was not one there I was with a scrap piece of paper and a pencil! Great...this is going to be fantastic!!! In my head...all I can think is Megan...God is with you..just do your best..and thats all you can do! I start the test and it was going ok but some of the questions were so hard!!!!!! and of course on the math I did awful because I can't do 7.5% of 3,295.62 in my head or even on scratch paper! So I finish the test in about an hour and a half! I am thinking to myself do I go back over and look over my answers...I sat there a minute and thought nope..if I don't know them now I don't know them and plus I hate to second guess myself because I always do I get up and go in the other room where my score is printing and guess what????????????? He hands me the paper and it says National Exam- Pass!!!!!!! Yay!!! and then I look down some more and it says State Exam - Fail!!! I missed it by 6 questions! I was sick...I got really hot and feeling sick! I tried to call Matthew about 10 times and no answer! so finally he answers and by this time I am almost in tears! I am like come and get me NOW!!!! and his response is...we are still at the zoo...its going to take me awhile to get there! so I am not suppose to stay in the testing I decide to walk over to McDonalds...its in the same parking lot! but I have no money...nothing!!!! and I have to stand there in McDonals for 40 mintues by myself! People were asking me if I was ok....I don't know if I just looked pitful or what??? I am stranded in St. Louis Missouri with nothing!!!! I have straight compassion for homeless people!! Its not fun!  I laugh about it now but at the time I was very upset and by the time Matthew got there the claws were out!!! hahaha...I had to apologize to him because it wasn't towards him was the situation! and then he tells me he wants to go back to the zoo! What? seriously...I am in black yoga pants and a t-shirt..and its 96 degrees outside! I am not prepared or dressed for the zoo! I want to drive back home and feel sorry for myself!! Well...I was out numbered on that decision! We went to the zoo and I am glad we did! It did cheer me up!!
It was a long day and I was really bummed out but I was thinking about it and thought it is just a test!!! a test...people pass and fail them does not mean you are any less of a person! and also there is a little girl in a town right next to ours that turned up missing last week and now a man confessed to killing her! she was 3 years awful....and that poor family..and here I am worrying about some dumb test that I didn't pass...and I can go back this week and take it! I decided very quickly that I need to just be happy about my life and thank God that I passed the national part of the test!!
Sorry this was so long! I am super sleepy now and I hope everyone had a blessed day!!!

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  1. What were you taking tests for? Just curious :)