Saturday, August 27, 2011


Fall = my favorite time of the year! besides Christmas of course! I start getting very excited when we get close to Fall. I have noticed the last few days even though, it has been hot there is something that feels like fall! I don't know? maybe its just me wishing that it was already here!
My Favorite Things About Fall!
* the colors!!!!

* the smells!!

* the tastes!!


Taco Soup!

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Rolls

AAWWWW...I can't wait!!!

* The Fair!!!


We love Monday Nights!

Go Hogs!!! WOOOOOOO Pig Soooeeee!!!
* Decorations!!!- I think I am going to start pulling my stuff out today!!!!

 I love Fall....It just makes me happy!!!
Jaggers when he was 10 months- these are some of my favorite pics!

What is your favorite season???
Hope everyone has a blessed Saturday!!


  1. Okay. That last photo is to die for. Adorable.

  2. your son is SO cute!

    I love those pumpkins.

    I LOVE fall too. I think it is my favorite season. all the hunkering down, making stew and soup :) Preparing for Christmas! I love it!

  3. Fall is my absolute favorite as well!!! And for all of the reasons you listed! I so can't wait for the cooler weather to hit.

  4. My favorite is a toss up between Fall and Spring! Down here in Texas, basically anything but summer! :)