Sunday, January 15, 2012

Labor & Delivery part 3!!!!!

So sorry I had to leave you hanging again!! Just a busy day of spending time with family! I figure blogging can take a wait for that!!
Ok.. We left off at Dr.Graham telling us to start thinking about a c-section! I was immediately in a panic!! This was just shocking but she told us this around 6 and said we would just wait and see what happens.. And they had also already given me my next dosing or whatever of the epidural so the pain was starting to go away! Dr. Graham came and checked at 730 and still nothing so finally at 8 she told me and Matthew a c-section would probably be best!! I was so sad, but the only concern was since they had given me the epidural we could not the spinal drip thing needed for c-section so she decided they would test and see if the epidural was strong enough! They did the test on me and I didn't feel a thing! Everything was ready to go! She came in the room and explained what would happen and had us sign some papers! I was beyond nervous but ready to get this baby here! At 830 they took us back to the OR and when they were wheeling me to the room all 30 of our people were cheering me on!! Yay!! So close now! No turning back!! The OR was kind of scary, but I was ok because Matthew was there with me! They got us all ready and dr.graham said it was go time! I heard all kinds of noises and then the most awful pain ever! Dr. Graham stopped and said, "Megan do you feel this?" and yes that was what I was feeling! She tried it again and it was awful!! I felt the cut and all.. She immediately yells stops and says daddy you have to leave the room! I go into a full blown panic attack! I can't breathe. I'm screaming and crying! You would have thought I was dying! All I remember was this really sweet guy coming over holding my hand and asking me questions and then he ask me to count back from100! I made it to 98 and I remember nothing more!!
Matthews story- he walked out and stood with his head on the door. He said it took about 5 minutes and he heard the baby cry and he just broke down crying in hall! They let him in to help clean and get Jagger ready! After they got him ready Matthew got to walk him to the room and let the family see him!!
So back to me! It took me about 3 hours to come out of being put under! And when I came out it was horrible! I barely knew who I was and mom kept telling me that I had a baby! Momand Matthew said it was 3 hours of hell! Matthew mom and jagger were the only ones in the room! Matthew said I would grab him by the shirt collar and say that I was dying and to give me a drink but of course all he could give me was ice chips! He said I was start crying and say that if I didn't get sweet tea I was going to die!! Hahahah it's quite hysterical now! They said I would just scream out in pain and that I was so disoriented! I hate that I put them through that! The next thing I honestly remember is around midnight waking up and be so excited to see Jagger. Everyone had gone home except mom and Matthew, and the were both asleep! Matthew called the nurses so they could bring in Jagger! When they brought him in I have never in my life had a feeling like that! My heart was exploding with love! Tears were flowing while I held this precious blessing! All I could was stare at him!!!! The rest of the night was spent holding and getting rest!! But little did I know that the next few days would be worse!!...
To be continued!! :)

Ok so tomorrow I will finally finish the story!!!
Hope everyone had a blessed Sunday!!


  1. My labor/delivery story is so eerily similar!! I labored all day, and was maxed out on Pitocin and only dilated to a 4, so they decided to finally do a C-section because Faith's heart rate kept decreasing. Unfortunately, my epidural didn't hold and I felt the entire Csection until I was out! They pushed my husband out of the OR and I started hemorrhaging and they nearly had to give me an emergency hysterectomy. Thankfully I stopped bleeding right before they cut. I was so sick afterwards, but so happy to have Faith here....and happy that she was a healthy little girl!!

  2. oh wow! How traumatic for you, I am so sorry you had to go through that! But at least the end result was a healthy baby boy! I was terrified of a c-section as well, and I'm hoping I never have to have one.