Friday, January 6, 2012


TGIF!!! I use to love Friday nights because that meant TGIF was coming on!! I loved all the shows- Family Matters, Full House, Step-by-Step and many others!! Today not much is going on but we are needing prayers! Matt's grandpa is having triple by pass done right at this moment! It's very scary but I feel it's a blessing they caught it before something really bad happened!
I'm so proud of myself.. Last night I cooked supper!! Woohoo! My sister-in-law introduced me to a new website called foodgawker. It's just exactly the same as pinterest but it is just food!! I love it! That is one of the only reasons I got on pinterest! And pinterest has not been on my good side lately! It has been freezing up a lot on me and then most of the time it is just blank! So this website is awesome! Last night I cooked cheese stuffed shells!! It was the jumbo shells stuffed with several types of cheese then covered in spaghetti sauce! It was yummy!! Chicken enchiladas are on the menu for tonight!
Not much else has been going on! I have decided we live a very boring life but I am happy with it! I will take boring especially since it involves Matthew and Jagger! I am very concerned because Jagger is having severe anxiety about daycare! Last week he was asking me on Monday if it was Friday and if he had to go. When I would say he would have to go on Friday he would run and hide in the closet and start crying!! It broke my heart because he is worrying about and it's days before he goes! This morning as soon as he woke up he was crying saying, "Is today Friday?, is daycare closed?" it is killing me!!! So now I am going to have to figure out what is going on and how to help him! I just pray God will help me through this!!
Hope you have a blessed Friday!!


  1. Bless his little heart. Maybe once he goes and gets used to having some little friends, it will get better!!!

    And I am going to check out this website now!

  2. I almost cried reading this! Bless his (and yours) little heart!!! I can't even imagine. I already told my boss that the day Gracie cries because I leave will be the day I will call in, haha. I'll say a prayer that you both can have a sense of peace over this. On another note, I LOVED TGIF and wish it still came on!