Thursday, January 19, 2012


Today has been very different for our family! I had to be at work at 9am this morning! I have not had to be at a job this early in 4 years. I had to get Jagger to daycare around 8:30 this morning! He had a few tears but not many, and they ladies said he is doing great! He has come a long way over the last few days! I am so happy!
Not much has been going on in the Cohn family over the last few days! I have had to work everyday so not much else has been happening! Last night we went and spent time with Matthew's grandma and pa. It was so nice to see them and Jagger was super happy to be there! He cried so hard when we had to leave. It was breaking my heart- and Grandma Betty's!
I am trying to get my house ready for Valentine's Day. I do not normally decorate for this one but I am having a church function at our house the first week in February so I thought this would be a reason to decorate, and plus Jagger is having fun helping me! I am having a hard time finding Valentine's stuff. Three stores I went to yesterday said they are cutting back on how much they get this year because they have so much left over! Makes sense but its not making this easy on me! I bought this awesome painted heart for our front door! It is so cute. When I get done I will post pictures! Do you decorate for Vday and if you do what and where do you find it? I need some more ideas?
oh and I am now starting a countdown to Jason Aldean- Kayla I wish you could go with us! :) Tomorrow will be 2 weeks!!! YAY!! I know its going to be amazing!
Hope everyone is having a blessed day!


  1. OH girl.. can you be like friend of the year and just steal him for me?????? :)

  2. Sounds like your doing a great job! And Jason Aldean is amazing! So wish I could go to a concert of his! have so much fun !!

    XO. Britt
    The Magnolia Pair