Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lazy morning!!!

I'm loving this morning! Me and Jagger slept in while the hubby went duck hunting and now I am enjoying an amazing cup of coffee!! Coffee just always seems to get my day going! I am trying to get going for the day- when Matthew gets home we have "chores" to do!! I know he is going to be thrilled!!! Hahah I just need some old furniture moved out to the storage shed and some stuff put in attic! You know.. Just the random things that husbands can do!
So yesterday was Matthews grandpa's surgery! Everything went well! He is in ICU now and will be there for a few days until they move him to a room! The three of us went to Memphis to see Grandma Betty. We knew we would not be able to see him but it was nice to see her, and she was so happy to see Jagger! After we stayed at the hospital for awhile we took Jagger to Toys-R-Us!! He calls it Toys-and-Us! Hahha but he was so good in the hospital we thought this would be a good treat and for about a month now he has been wanting this one particular Thomas the Train and of course we have been everywhere looking for it and no one has had it!! It has been a stressful situation at times over this train! So Finally Toys R Us came through for us!! It was a miracle! He was so excited!! He was almost more excited about this train than Christmas! :) so after Toys R Us we went and ate at J.Alexanders! It was good but when we got the bill I about had a heart attack... Let's just say for the price it was not that good!! I think food is so over rated!!! While we were walking out to the car I spotted a Pier 1 across the road!!!! And I can not turn down the opportunity to go in Pier 1.. It's my favorite store!!! Well let's just say it was not the best experience! Taking two boys in that store is not smart! We ended up leaving after about 5 minutes! Oh well guess I will try again later!
By the time we got home we were exhausted and went to bed!!! And now here we are!
Do you have any big plans for today?? Oh and I am very excited the Razorbacks won last night!!!
Good day to be a Hog fan!
Hope everyone has a blessed Saturday!

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