Monday, January 16, 2012

Post labor & and delivery!!!

The first time I laid eyes on Jagger I have never felt anything like!! There is nothing like holding a 3 hour old baby! In between tears I thanked God over and over! So after staying up with Jagger for a few hours I finally decided I needed some rest!
The next day I do not remember anything! I was so drugged on pain meds I don't even remember who came! Matthew said the room was full all day! It's funny because in all the pictures I look pretty cute! Apparently someone brushed my hair and put makeup on me! Hahahh so glad they are taking care of me! Sometime that night I finally started coming had decided it would be good for me to get out of bed and try to take a shower! Once we got my legs around to the side of the bed I was in horrible pain and I swear I didn't know how to walk. It was the strangest thing ever! My legs were like jello! Somehow we got me to the bathroom and Matt decided this would be a good chance for him to get some food! :) mom told him to go that she could handle it! While I was on the toilet I was feeling very strange..sick and weak! Mom got the water going and got me in. I started crying and told her I couldn't do it and I needed to get out. One step out and I was going down. Mom said I turned ghost white and eyes rolled in the back of my head! She panic and
Lulled the nurse cord!! The next thing I know I am waking up to this very strong smell of ammonia. One of the nurses had broken her stick and put it under my nose. They get me back to bed and I don't remember anything else. The next morning all i know was coming in my room telling my family I was going to have a blood transfusion. I had lost a lot of blood! What?? When did this happen? It was very scary! She said we would start immediately. I don't remember any of it because of drugs.
The blood transfusion was on Monday and Thursday I was finally getting to go home! I was in worse shape than Jagger. He was perfect, and everyone was so ready to go home! I think mom and Matthew were about to go loopy having to stay in that room all week.
The drive home was pretty awful too! I was in so much pain I finally told Matthew to pull over and let me out! We always get a laugh out of that! Once we made it home, it was still interesting. Mom stayed with us the rest of the week then Matthews mom came over. His sisters were huge help too. It was tough on everyone because I was still in bad shape. I was having to use a hospital chair toilet and I was still so drugged up for pain.
I am so grateful for a wonderful family that could help us. There are times I get so sad thinking about it because I feel I missed out on so much from the delivery and then that first week of his life! It is all just a blur! I only remember bits and pieces so I am more than grateful my sister-in-laws took a ton of pictures!!
I just hope and pray that the next one will be completely different, and that I will enjoy it! The whole experience for me was insane, and for me to have just a great pregnancy makes it even more weird! I love Jagger so much I would go through it over and over again just knowing that I have him!
So did you have a good labor and delivery??
Hope everyone had a blessed day!!

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