Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Labor & Delivery part 1!!

Wow! Just seeing these two words kind of scares me alittle! I think that is one of the things holding me back on getting pregnant! My labor and delivery was pretty much horrible! I don't remember too much of it and I am guessing that is a good thing! ;)
So all of my pregnancy was GREAT!! well.....until I was about 7 1/2 months pregnant and I got kidney stones!!!! Yes..seriously..Kidney stones! We had gone to Columbia Missouri to see my sister-in-laws at school and attend the Homecoming football game! The weekend was so great and the day we were leaving it hit me! I thought I was going into labor. It was the worse pain ever! We went to the hospital and they sent us home, so I screamed and cried for 5 hours straight. 3 or 4 days later I finally passed the stones! NOT FUN!!!! especially when you are pregnant! Fantastic way to ruin a good weekend!
After that small spell everything was back to good! We made it through Christmas fine. The entire family had bets on how long I would go. Almost everyone thought I would have him before Christmas but that didn't happen! My due date was January 6th, and about every night the week before he was born I would have contractions! Since we live about an hour from my doctor, she told me not to head that way until my contractions were about 10 minutes apart and lasted 1 full hour. So....I would be in bed reading The Twilight Saga :) -I read all three of them right before he was born because I was not getting any sleep- and then the contractions would start. They would get to about 15 minutes apart for about 50 minutes then stop. I would be texting my mother-in-law telling her what was going on (this was all taking place around 2am!) finally my body would calm down and it would stop! I swear this went on every night the whole week before! Geeezzz....what a tease!!
Finally January 6th came and I was so excited!!! This was on a Tuesday and of course everyone was working, BUT thankfully my sister-in-laws were home from school so Claire said that she would take me to the doctor!We had my bags packed and everyone was telling us to call them ASAP. I think everyone was afraid Claire wouldn't be able to handle it if they had to admit me! We laugh about that now!! ;)  Dr. Graham had told me at the last visit that if I had not had him before my due date to come in and she would see and we would go from there! The week before I was dilated to a 3 so I just knew that on my due date she would admit me!! WRONG!!!!!!! I had tears as she told me I was not ready. I have never been so disappointed. What a let wait 9 months for your due date and then it still doesn't happen! It feels like you can not go 1 day longer!  She said that I was not ready and that we would just schedule me for that Saturday morning if I did not have him before then! After the doctors visit, we went to Chili's to eat some lunch and then head back home! When we got home I looked up home remedies for starting labor and I tried all of them! I ate a TON of pineapple! ;) still didn't work! Jagger was too comfy!

Ok...I am going to leave it here! There is so much to tell I am going to split it up or it would take you a day to read it all at once!!
Was your baby born on, before, or after due date?
Hope everyone had a blessed Wednesday!

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  1. What a tease! I want the rest of the story please!!!