Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New year!!

I am so excited about this new year!! It always seems like a fresh new start!! I had a great year last year so I'm excited to see what this new year has in store! I have made several resolutions for this year! 1. I am not going to worry about money as much!! God has provided money to pay bills and buy food so that is all that matters. We for sure do not NEED anything! 2. Put God first!! I admit this is sometimes hard because I love my family so much but I know that he even needs to be before Matthew and Jagger. 3. Get better about listening!! Another one I am not proud of but I tend to have a big mouth and I need to keep it shut and listen! 4. Quit caring so much what others think- the only ones that truly matter are God, Matthew, and Jagger!! I feel at times I bend over backwards to make others happy and it does no good!! I'm tired of putting myself and family through it!! So what are your new years resolutions?
Today has been a busy day already! Tonight we are celebrating Jagger's 3rd birthday with the family! His birthday is not until next Tuesday but Charlyn and Claire are going back to school this weekend and everyone has plans so this was the only night we could get together!! He is so excited about his "party"! He said he wanted chicken nuggets, French fries, Mac and cheese, and crust bread aka garlic Texas toast!! So that is our menu for tonight and then we have a John Deere cake!! Imagine that???!!! It kind of stresses me out a bit because the child already has a toy store in our house so with his birthday the week after Christmas it gets to be overwhelming!! Last year I put toys in the attic and would bring them down throughout the year and he loved this because it was new toys!! So. I'm thinking this is the solution again this year!!
I have been trying to get my house back to normal and now that all of the decorations are put up it looks bare?? What is up with that? I know it's because there are so many decorations but now I'm thinking the Pier 1 gift card will come in handy! We did go to the mall yesterday and I was super disappointed because everything was picked apart! I was hoping I would find good sales and could use gift cards but it's looking like I will be saving them for new spring stuff!!
Well it's time to get house clean for party!!!
Hope you have a blessed Tuesday!


  1. I am loving your goals! I have to agree with 100% of them and need to implement them in my life too. Especially not caring what others think. I did really well with that after Gracie was born and it seems to be creeping back into my life again, and it's no fun!

  2. I can't believe Jagger is turning 3?! And I totally agree with the house looking bare without all the decorations up, I feel like something's missing...