Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Step Forward...hopefully!

Tomorrow is a big day for Hudson! In the morning, they are going to take out the breathing tube! This is a pretty big deal and I am really nervous about it. He has been doing pretty good the last few days so the doctor thinks its time to give it a try! I am wondering if we should wait but she is the doctor! I am just trusting God to take care of it. I am very happy that my mom is here with me because it is probably going to be a somewhat stressful day! So tomorrow we are definitely going to be needing extra prayers!
My mom flew in today on a 10 seater airplane! Yes, 10 seats! It was a tiny little thing and the weather here is not the best! It has been snowy all day! We feel super special and loved because I know this is not something she would do for everyone! We have had a good day so far since she has been here. We went and ate some yummy food, went to hospital, then came to Ronald McDonald and visited with some of the wonderful people I have become friends with. I am very excited about the relationships I am forming here.
Hope everyone has a blessed night!

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