Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Big Plans!!!

So Matthew and I have continuously said that we know God put us in this situation for a reason! AND we know that reason is to bring honor and glory to his kingdom! We have had our struggles and our moments were we get mad at him for putting us through this(it makes me feel bad to admit this but what can I say we are human!)! I can say that we have seen God's handy work first hand many times! Its so awesome when you can step back and watch his work unfold! I do also know without a doubt that God has huge plans for our precious baby! I sometimes wonder if it will be plans that we even know or God will do his work and we may never know the FULL extent of it!
I feel through this Matthew and I have become stronger and when its all over I think we can handle just about anything! We might be gray headed because of the stress but at least we made it through. This week several babies have gone home and while I am super happy for them part of my heart hurts because I want it to be us! I love to see the faces of parents when they have their little bundle of joy in that car seat walking down the hall to go home! Its such a sweet moment! I will probably have black mascara running down my face from the ugly cry I know I will be doing! I sit here and dream in my head what it will be like when we get home! I know our life will feel complete!
I know I say this a lot but Matthew and I cannot thank everyone enough for the love and support you have shown us. Please keep them up! We feel them and know we wouldn't be here without them! We love yall so much.
Hope everyone has a blessed night!

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