Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Today I have been thinking a lot about Heaven and End of Times! Not sure why but its on my mind! This is something I use to be terrified to even talk about but I guess now I realize its something to be excited about! The other day I was telling someone that I am ready for Jesus to come and take us home. when I said it she looked at me and said that she wasn't because she still has a lot of living to do!! My response to this is our "living" hasn't even begun until we get there!! I also think being here around all this sickness at this hospital has made me realize how nice Heaven will be! I mean who doesn't want to be in a place with no tears, no preemie babies, no cancer, no abuse, no pain!!! I will take this any day! I just can't even imagine a place like this but I know I'm ready to be there! I can't stand to see sick children! It breaks my heart and also seeing the hurting families! I just want to cry along with everyone else! I think this is why I am not in any medical field! God knew I would get too attached!
I never want anyone to think I am being pushy or offending anyone! All i know is that with each day we are getting closer to the day Jesus will come for us! I want everyone to be ready! Even a non-christian can look around at this world and tell its getting worse! I cringe every time I see whats going on! It makes me ill to think my kids will grow up in such a scary dark world(even with all the bad there is still alot of good!!) so that being said if you have any doubts or anything about your salvation please talk to someone about it that can help you! You won't be sorry!!!
One of my favorite hymns! When we all get to Heaven, what a day of rejoicing that will be. When we all see Jesus we'll sing and shout for victory!!!

Ok....... Hudson is doing well today! He had physical therapy today! He didn't do too good! He has kind of been grumpy today but thats ok! We all have our grumpy days! Last night when we weighed him he was 4lb 15 ounces!!! Hopefully at tonights weigh-in, he will finally be 5 lbs! Yay!
I cant believe his due date is next week! That just seems unreal that I should be pregnant! Wow!
Well hope everyone has a blessed day!

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