Monday, March 11, 2013


There is so much to learn with a preemie! Its different than a full term healthy baby! Most people never have a clue until they have to go through it! Today the nurse and I were talking and its amazing how many people think when you say the baby is doing good its time to come home or they aren't sick! Wrong!!! Having a good day here is not going back on the vent! Having a good day here is not dropping your heart rate! Having a good day is holding your temp! Our babies are still very sick! One thing that is super important is when we go home! These babies are not your normal baby. They tell us he does not need to go anywhere for the first 4-5 months. They do not need to be held by anyone who smokes-third hand smoke-it can send them back to hospital! When these babies catch just a cold its bad news! They will end up back in the hospital! We will probably come home on oxygen and apnea machine so life will not be "normal" for us for awhile' We will travel back and forth to St. Louis for a couple of years for check ups and regular routine exams to make sure he growing like normal! I look around at all this and it amazes me at God's creation and how a baby is suppose to be in the womb for 40 weeks! There is a precise reason for it! I know pregnancy is at times uncomfortable but it hurts me so bad when women say they are ready to have the baby early! Its not good! There is a reason you are suppose to stay pregnant for 40 weeks! I would give anything to still be pregnant! Not only do you have problems when they are first born, but some of the issues they don't grow out of and will follow us after we leave!
Hudson has been having good days! No major issues! He is still in bubble cpap! They have not even began to start taking him off of it! We are strictly working on feedings, which is tough! He is doing every other feeding! The feedings wear him out and sometimes he doesn't even want the bottle! Last night when I was feeding him he would drop his heart rate, choke and all kinds of other stuff! It was not fun, but we finally got it after an hour! After his feeding he is so worn out he just crashes! We have finally got to start listening to music! We have lullabies that are hymnals! I love them so much! He is in here snoozing and I am singing hymnals! Can't think of a better way to spend our day (well... Maybe if we were with home with matthew and jagger!)
As for Jagger he is doing well also! I miss him so much it hurts! We both had a mini melt down when I left yesterday to come back to St. Louis! I can't wait for the day we are all together!
Well time to get Hudson ready for his feeding! Hope everyone has a blessed night!

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