Sunday, March 24, 2013


Ok...I am really sick of this weather! It is unbelievable! Yesterday here in St. Louis it was gorgeous. Matthew and I kept telling each other that maybe the weather was wrong. There was no way it was such a beautiful day but they were giving out a winter storm advisory. Boy where we wrong! This morning when I woke up, I did run over to the window to see outside but to my surprise nothing! I just knew it had missed us! We got ready, threw our bags in the car and met Gigi and Pa at the diner for breakfast! Just as we sit down to eat, the snow started falling. It was not just slowly coming down, it was a blizzard! I could not believe it! Here I am 13 hours later and it is still going crazy outside! I really think mother nature is confused because here we are almost at the end of March getting a huge snow storm! This makes me miss home even more!

This kind of shows how deep the snow was around 830pm..

Despite the nasty winter weather today, we had a good weekend! I had already decided the whole weekend would be all about Jagger! I missed my guy so much. I told Matthew if he wanted to go to the hospital and see Hudson I would stay and entertain Jagger! As soon as I saw Jagger on Friday the tears came! It is the most special moment when you haven't seen your baby in 2 weeks and then the minute you do, he runs up to you with the biggest grin and puts his arms around you! My heart melts right on to the floor! When we got settled in, Matthew decided he would go see the baby while I stayed with Jagger! Jagger, Aunt Claire and I went swimming! We had such a good time. I  can not get over how well Jagger swims. It is so awesome to watch him! After over an hour of swimming we were tired and went back to the room! By the time Matthew got back from the hospital, Jagger was sound asleep in the bed beside me!
Saturday morning, we got up and met Gigi, Pa and Claire at the Diner for breakfast! It was so yummy and I was truly looking forward to some much needed family time! After breakfast we all went our own ways. Gigi and Pa went to the hospital to spend some time with Hudson while Matthew and I went our way with Jagger! We went to the mall to make some returns and try to find Hudson some new clothes! The boy has finally grown out of preemie clothes! I have been very hesitant to buy him a ton of clothes because the sizing! Today I put him in one of his newborn outfits and it was a little big but fit much better than preemie! YAY!
Around lunch, Jagger decided he wanted to go back to the hotel and swim! Matthew and I thought this was a great idea! We went back to the hotel and took a short nap before going swimming. The rest of the day was so relaxed which is just what we all needed!
Hudson has had a great weekend! Still no major improvements or changes going on. He is just hanging in there! He has been so alert this week! I am still praying everyday that we will be out of here by May, but we will have to see what God has in plan for us! Tuesday they are going to be doing an echo of his heart. This is routine for babies that have been on oxygen support for long periods of time. They will be looking for several different things. Just praying that we get good results!

Enjoying our time together!

Sweet Hudson! 87 days old!

He loves sitting in his chair!
Hope everyone has a blessed night!

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  1. How appropriate that Jagger's shirt says "Blizzard" on it!!