Thursday, September 15, 2011

Busy, Stressed, Overwhelmed!!

I am so sad because last night I did not do What I'm Loving Wednesday but I have just been so busy..I have missed blogging and have felt it has been pushed to the back burner, but I have so much on my plate this week! I have been trying to get all my stuff ready for the Women's Ministry weekend at church and then getting our stuff ready to leave on Sunday! I am so excited about the beach next week! Jagger is going to have a blast!!!
Yesterday, I had to drive almost 2 hours to get my fingerprints and background check done so that I could send off the application for my real estate license! The whole process took about 5 minutes! so after I got done we went to Hobby Lobby and I got Matthew some of the coolest stuff for his new office! He is a duck hunter so I found some gorgeous pieces!

and they were half off! and I got a new cross....
I love Hobby Lobby!! It makes me so excited! especially when everything I buy is half off!!!
oh and I forgot to share my new halloween decoration!! I do not normally buy halloween decorations because I do everything in fall so I can keep it up through Thanksgiving, but when I saw this I had to get it!
our new family member! Blacky the cat!! hahahah! ;)

Today, Jagger and I went to see Gigi in her classroom! The kids loved seeing Jagger! Jagger was shy at first, but I do not think he has ever been around 21 1st graders! They sang songs, and read stories! He ending up having a blast!!!! ;) He is telling me he wants to go back and see his kid friends!
This morning while I was sitting in the floor going through some stuff, Jagger came up to me and said that he loved me! Then he started singing to me.....Twinkle, Twinkle, little you are..diamond in the sky! (his version- it melts my heart!) then he goes straight into  Jesus loves me...I tells us so!!!! Aren't little ones precious! What would the world be without them??? So after he sang to me, I decided that life is too precious to be stressed over some coupon class and trying to pack! Its vacation right? not suppose to be stressful! If I forget something..I will go buy it! :)
This is an old picture but I have to show it because it just puts a smile on my face!
God is so good!!!! Hope everyone has had a blessed Thursday! :)

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