Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Delta Fair!

So if you live in the Bootheel or are from here then you realize the importance of the Delta Fair parade!! Not being from here I did not realize how many people come to this! I mean the town shuts down and people start sitting there chairs out the day before!! hahhah and I am pretty sure I was driving through town and people were sitting in their chairs at 3 and the parade didn't start until 6!! It is almost the highlight of the year! It is exciting! I have even grown to love it! The fair parade and fair is sort of like the kick-off to fall! After the parade, we head to the fair for all the amazing food!! The food here is awesome, and I really enjoy getting to see everyone! Last night, I had an awesome fish sandwich and then we split some nachos! and my favorite part....dessert - a funnel cake with chocolate drizzled over the top!! amazing!! Tonight we are going to go and let Jagger ride some rides and eat some more great food! I will have to spend extra time on the elipitical to make up for this! :)
getting ready for the parade!!

Matt's grandma always bring food and drinks!!

The sirens were very loud!! When they started the sirens he said, Mommy they are shooting at us!! ;)

Love this guy!! ;)

the best part of the parade- picking up candy!!!


2011 Delta Fair parade!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!

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