Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What I Am Loving Wednesday!!

I'm Loving that I am finally getting to do my wednesday link up! I have missed it! ;)

I'm Loving that Bennie and Poppie are coming to stay with us this weekend! I love my mom and dad very much! We have missed them alot! ;)

I'm Loving that today we got to spend time with Jen and Nolen! We have missed them too! The boys had a blast playing- and of course me and Jen got to hang out and visit! oh and we celebrated Nolens bday! Happy 4th Birthday Nolen!

painting pumpkins!

waiting patiently!


I'm Loving how funny Jagger is! I love the age he is! Earlier I walked in on him trying to turn the tv off with his foot! I do this all the time but I always have my arms full of stuff!!  Monkey see Monkey do!! :)

I'm Loving that tonight Jagger got to ride the rides at the fair! He had a blast!

Bumper Cars!

Jumping! He loved this! ;)
getting to hang out with the big kids!

fun with ally!

I'm Loving fried oreos!  they are amazing! Matthew says they should be illegal! hahhah...I had to go an extra 30 minutes on eliptical tonight!

I'm Loving my new coffee mug! Its a christian mug with peacock feathers!!! so excited when I found it!

I'm Loving my new shark vaccum cleaner! Its small and awesome!

I'm Loving my sweet good lookin' hubby!!!

and of course my little Jagger and my wonderful heavenly Father! ;)
Link up with Jamie and tell us what you love!
Hope you had a blessed Wednesday!

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