Friday, September 9, 2011

So Happy!

Today, Jagger and I did abunch of nothing! We did clean the house but that is nothing out of the ordinary! We are leaving for vacation in almost a week and it is finally starting to sink in that its going to happen! I have about 7 different lists going- what needs to be done before we leave, what all to pack, groceries, what groceries to buy when we get there, and all the stuff to get myself ready to teach the couponing class Saturday at the Women's Ministry weekend (I'm not gonna lie- I am alittle nervous about that!) I just have tons going through my head! and I am trying to get some good books together to read at the beach! Any suggestions?????
So, on if you read Wednesday's post then you saw where Matthew and I have good things going on but I didn't tell what it was! I am going to!
Matthew for almost 7 years has been working out of town. He has to drive about 20 miles to work. Its not that big of a deal but sometimes it is not fun for him! Over the past few years, he has turned down several job offers because we just felt they were not right for us! and I am glad we did because God had a even better plan for him! On Wednesday, Matthew accepted a wonderful job here in town! He will be working at a bank in our home town! He is about 2 minutes from our house! We are so excited we can't hardly contain ourselves...There are so many amazing pros to this opportunity! Matthew has been so grateful for the job he has and loves everyone he works with, so that has been something that he is going to miss.  We had been praying over this situation and Matthew said he had never felt peace like he had felt with this!
Please keep our family in your prayers and Matthew specifically as he starts this new job! I know he will do great at it ,but we can all use some extra prayers sometimes!!! :)
Hope everyone has had a blessed Friday!


  1. Congratulations!!!! We are so happy for you guys! Hugs! ~Stephne

  2. Aw, so exciting!! Congrats to your hubby! Which beach are y'all vacationing at?? Either way I am JEALOUS!