Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Vacation Recap: Day 3!!

Tuesday the 20th - I woke up on this morning not having a clue what time it was! Our condo was so dark because we had pulled all the curtains, so when I looked at the clock and saw that it was 9:30am - I was shocked! I couldn't believe we had slept that long! I guess we were super tired! Matthew and I went out on the balcany to eat breakfast and just watch the ocean! I loved getting to sit there and drink my amazing cup of coffee taking in the beauty of God's creation! God is so amazing! Finally we got Jagger up and headed to the beach around 10:30! We rented a chair and an umbrella (after 2 days of paying $25 a day we decided to go buy a 7.99 umbrella and just use our towels on the beach!)....I was so ready to read and soak up some sun!! We stayed on the beach until 1:00 and then we went up to the room to eat some lunch and give Jagger a break from the sun! After lunch we went back down and stayed on the beach until 5! Instead of going to eat at that night we stayed in the condo and cooked supper! Jagger had a blast! For us, we figured out that going out to eat is fun but it is not worth the money and time...Jagger is normally miserable while we are there because he can't sit still and then me and Matt don't get to enjoy our food because we are having to cram it in our mouths! Jagger was much happier staying in the condo! We did venture out to get ice cream! We got ice cream at a really neat place called Scoops! It is all Edy's ice cream! and they give you alot of it! YUMMY! Jagger was asleep by 7:30 that night and slept the whole night! He was worn out!

Hope everyone has had a blessed Tuesday!!!


  1. Ah, Souvenir City & Scoops. PLEASE tell me you went to Tacky Jacks and Lulus as well!! I am SO Jealous!

  2. I love these pictures.

    And good! you needed some sleep I'm sure!!!

    Yay for vacay!