Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!!! :)

Since it is midnight, my birthday is over!! Birthdays come and go so fast!  We have celebrated all weekend so that has been nice...and it has worked out that it was on a holiday- made me feel even more special! :)
I am so thankful that God had given me 24 years of amazing life. Today I prayed that year 25 would be filled with many blessings and that every single thing that I do would be done to bring honor and glory to his name! Before I sat down to write on here, I logged on to my Facebook account and had tears in my eyes when I saw how many people wished me a Happy Birthday! There were so many wonderful messages!!! Thanks to everyone for making my day even better! I am going to do a quick recap of the weekend, then end with lots of pictures!
Friday- The sister-in-laws came in for the weekend so when they got home we went to visit! We were very excited to see them! We spent the night with Grandma Betty and Pa Don! Jagger has been dying to stay the night with them so we had a sleepover! We slept on mattresses in the playroom and stayed up way too late! ;) Matthew has always said its better than Disney World at Grandma's house! ;)
Saturday- College Football!!! YAY!! GO HOGS!! We went to Rodney and Deana's and attempted to watch football but Jagger was not having it...2 hours was all he lasted! He has been so sick- we have been having to do breathing treatments and all that fun stuff! Please keep him in your prayers! After we left Rodney and Deana's we went home and took a 2 hour much needed nap! Then that night we went back to mother-in-laws to visit!
Sunday- early service at church! Sunday school! then went to Grandma Betty's for my birthday lunch and party! Lunch is always choice of birthday girl/boy! Mine was fried pork chops, fried potatoes, macaroni and tomatos, slaw, black eyed peas, and jalapeno cornbread!! IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!! Food doesn't get much better than that! After the birthday party and lunch we came home to rest because we had to be at Cheryl's at 6 to eat birthday dinner there! and she made me my favorite cake- Funfetti!!!!
At 6, we went to Cheryl's and ate supper, then we had birthday again! We were all miserable because of all the food we had that day!
Today- Slept late! It was cool here today!! It was the best weather ever!  Matthew and Jagger gave me my birthday surprise!! chandelier for our bedroom! My father-in-law came and hung it up! Then we went and at leftovers at Grandma's! After lunch, Jen came over and brought me the sweetest birthday present! For supper we went back to Grandma's for family pizza night! Jagger was not feeling good at all so he took a long nap and has just lazy today!
We had a great weekend full of family, friends, food, football, and church!

Acting Silly! Jagger loved having long hair! ;)

wanting to help mommy with cake!

and many more!!!

My mother-in-law got me a basket full of shells and in the shells was cash for our vacation!!! She is very creative!

Amazing birthday supper at mother-in-laws!
Happy boy after a LONG nap!
My Favorite Cake!! it was so good!

me and my boys!

watching Cars with Aunties!
Pa came over to help put up birthday present!

I love my Chandelier!
Aunt JuJu, Uncle David, Allyson, and Justin got me the black stick things! hahah I love them!

my new boots!

Yay! I finally have tools of my own! I will be hiding them! ;)
Came home tonight to these amazing cookies!!!

Jens present- Peacock themed! She is the best! ;)
and then I also had a wonderful surprise in the mail from mom and dad- Sheryl Crow's cookbook- If It Makes You Healthy!! I was so excited because you all know I LOVE Sheryl!
It has been an amazing birthday! Thanks to everyone who has made it so special!
Hope everyone has had a blessed Labor Day Weekend!


  1. AHHHHHHH is that funfetti cake?

    This is why we are besties!!!!

  2. Looks like you had an amazing birthday weekend, Megan!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend. Happy Belated Birthday to you!!