Saturday, September 17, 2011

Favorite Things Blog Swap!!

So a few weeks ago I decided to be a part of a blog swap! For those of you who do not know what a blog swap are missing out! just kidding! :)  It reminds me of a pen pal...You send the blogger your email address and tell them you want to participate and then they pair you up with another blogger!  You gather up your favorite things ($25 price limit) box it up and send it to your person- then they do the same for you!! Thank you Leeann for setting up the blog swap! I really enjoyed and hope to do another one!
I was so excited when I found out who I was paired up with! Her name is Amanda and her blog is Simple Girl, Simple Pleasures. She is precious!! I have enjoyed getting to talk to her through email! She is so positive and uplifting!!!! If you get a chance you should check her out!
I was like a little kid getting her box ready to send off and then it was even more exciting waiting for my box to get here!! She put together a great box and I loved all of her favorite things! My husband did too because he already ate one of the things!! ;)
Funfetti cake mix- my favorite thing!!!, pink straws, cards, heath bar and peanut butter m&ms(Matthew ate), nailpolish, lotion, and an Itunes card!! Thank you have great favorite things!!

Well...tomorrow we are leaving on vacation! I was going to take the computer and blog while I was there, but I have decided I just want to dedicate ALL of my time to the boys, and the beach! so I will not be blogging any next week...TEAR! I know I am going to miss it, but I think we are making a wise choice by leaving the computer at home!
Please keep us in your travel, and no issue during the trip!!!
Hope everyone had a blessed Saturday!


  1. So glad that you enjoyed my favorite things! I'll be posting about your favorite things this week :) Also, I'm going to be giving you a blog award, so stop on by when you get a chance to see!

  2. Thanks so much for signing up for the swap! Looks like you and Amanda were perfect partner for each other :)

    You both got/gave great packages!

    Hope you're having fun on vacation!

  3. This looks like such a fun idea! I wish I had joined the blog swap!! I hope there will be another one soon!

    check out my blog, if you'd like! I'm hosting my first giveaway of monogrammed earrings right now!


  4. This swap looks so fun!! Amanda and you did a great job sending each other your favorite things! Such a cute idea!