Friday, January 18, 2013

1 Month!

At 3am I will have officially been in St. Louis for a month!! This absolutely blows my mind!! I am a Southern girl! I am not suppose to be here in the north where it is freezing cold! Even though it is freezing I will have to say I am starting to see how people love the city! Everything is so convenient. You wanna go to Target? Ok lets go to Target! You wanna eat somewhere awesome? Ok lets eat something awesome! I mean everything is right here! I have been like a kid in a candy store! Don't worry, Kennett, you have my heart and as soon as the doctor gives us ok, we are out of here but until then why not enjoy!!
I never in my life would have dreamed we would be going through this! It is amazing to me what we have seen God do in a month! I can wait to see what he still has in store for us. I was also telling Matthew the other day I would have never pictured myself strong enough to go through this. I have also been a very scared, nervous, anxious, worried person, but for some reason through MOST of this God has given me peace like never before. And when I capitalize MOST that means that there are times I feel like I cant go on, like I am not strong enough to do this, but then I am reminded that God is with me and its ok! I feel like I can't be super MOM all the time! I mean our life has been turned upside down and completely changed! I deserve a moment every once in awhile, right?
As for Hudson today, he had an ok day! He was acting up this morning! I got the dreaded phone call from the hospital, which when I see it pop up my stomach immediately starts cramping and I feel sick. I answer and Margaret our Nurse practitioner tells me that his blood gas levels are not good and they did a X-ray of chest and lungs and it was not good. They were not sure what was causing them to not be good so they were going to run alot of tests! During rounds, Dr. Anderson explained the situation and said that she wasn't sure what was going on that is why they are running all the tests. We wont get the results for 48 hours so we will just wait and see. Tonight when we left he had already improved from this morning, so hopefully they can figure out what was causing his numbers to go crazy and fix it!
Matthew is finally back with me. I wanted to cry when I saw him. I know it was a combination of the stress from this morning and then I have missed him like crazy!!! I love my husband so much! He is a truly amazing man! I am super blessed to have him in my life!
Hope everyone has a blessed night!

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  1. Still praying for you and your boys! You are doing an amazing job. Keep it up.