Thursday, January 17, 2013


We are so blessed to have such an amazing family. Matthew and I have probably taken for granted how amazing our family is but all this has made me truly appreciate them and thank God for them everyday! It amazes me how God can put you in a situation and it completely changes your prospective of everything. Matthew went home for a few days so his sister Claire came up and stayed with me. We had a great time together and its nice for me to have someone here. It can be very scary here and sometimes you just need a body with you. She went home this morning so this is the first time in a month I have been alone. I wont be alone for long because mom and dad are coming up tonight and then Matthew will be here tomorrow.
Today I am just hanging out in Hudson's room. I cant keep my eyes off of him except for when I am cat napping :), which happens often. I swear his room puts me to sleep. I am thinking its because the lights are always dim and I am just sitting here! I am on my 3rd book. I started with Duck Dynasty- it was awesome! Then I read Mike Huckabee's new book. It was so cute. He wrote the book for his grandkids, and now I am starting Gabrielle Douglas's book (she is the gymnast from the olympics!) my days are completely full of pumping, doctors, writing scriptures, reading, and of course eating! The doctors and nurses laugh at me because all we talk about is food! You know I love food and I want to know where all the good places are to eat!
The doctors just came and did rounds and our little guy is up to 2 lbs 14.9 ounces! This makes us happy! He is now taking 20cc of breastmilk every three hours! He is still getting calories and other vitamins in his iv but they are slowly taking that a way and he will be on straight milk. His numbers today are low but they are just having to adjust the ventilator to find what makes him happy! He is still on antibiotics and they say that the junk coming out of his lungs is looking better, its not yellow anymore. He had a head ultrasound done yesterday and there is still blood but it is breaking up. They will check him again in a few weeks. I also got to hold him last night. He does awesome when I hold him. His numbers and temp are perfect, so that means he LOVES being held! I cant wait when he is out of this dumb ventilator and we can hold him whenever. Hopefully that day will be soon!
Jagger is doing great! Of course he is being spoiled like crazy! He wont know what to do when we come home and he has to stay with me! :) i miss my little boy like crazy! I just hope he knows how much I love and miss him!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!


  1. Hey Megan.Sent email last night, and you are probably super busy and haven't had a chance to read it, but then I was worried maybe you are a no reply blogger and my response to your comment didn't even make it to you. So, just gonna let you know I have some little gifts I would love to send you and your sweet boy. I didn't know if you could get mail at the Ronald McDonald house or if I could send it to your home or your parents and they could get it to you? Just shoot me an email and tell me where to send it! I am praying for you daily friend!

    1. Hey! I just sent you an email! Not sure why I didnt get your email!