Thursday, January 24, 2013

Too Cold!!!

It is just insanely too cold here!! I like cold weather but this is just too much for my body! Today the high has been 18 and its suppose to starting sleeting and all that junk later tonight! Blah... Not fun!
The last few days have been good. Mrs. Janet came and stayed which was wonderful! We had a great time visiting and Hudson enjoyed listening to her stories! :) I am already ready for her to come back, although I am REALLY ready to see my two other boys tomorrow! I can't hardly wait to put my arms around them!
Hudson has had a pretty descent last few days! Last night was a little scary because he was having some low numbers. This morning because of the low numbers and high gas they decided to change out his tube and when they do this they have to basically put them under, and there is alot of risks of damaging the vocal cords! So it really made me sad and nervous but he did great. She said it was very fast and went smoothly so we should have nothing to worry about! Easy for her to say, huh? But he is doing better since they put in the new tube! He is getting to take breastmilk again. He had to be off of it for a few days because of the blood transfusion but they put him back on and he is doing well with it. We haven't done much today except read bible stories! Mrs. Janet got Hudson a really cool bible so we have been reading from it. It is so sweet because he starts grinning while I'm reading! My boy already know this is the best book!
Hope everyone had a blessed day!

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