Saturday, January 5, 2013

9 Days!!!

Well I cant believe Hudson has been in Cardinal Glennon for 9 days almost 10, and yesterday he was 29 weeks! Wow!! Its weird because at times I feel like time is creeping by but then it feels like just yesterday I was being airlifted! Unreal! I have been meaning to post the last day but everytime I get started something comes up- exhaustion, doctors meetings, nurses in and out, standing and watching Hudson, eating, praying, and pumping milk( and yes, i officially feel like a cow! The nurses are super proud of me! The amount of food they give him each day is so tiny! They laugh and say i already have a 3 month supply! Even though its not fun and i do feel like a milk cow, i will do it until the "cows come home" for my sweet baby! )
Momma, dad, and Jagger have been with us the last several days and it has been nice! I cant hardly let go of Jagger! I think that is another thing that is so hard is missing him and then being here! It rips our heart out, but we know for now we have to be with Hudson, and we are so blessed that Matthews family can help with Jagger! Yesterday just to get out and clear our head we went to Bass Pro! I find it funny the only places we have been are Target, Cabelas and Bass Pro! I think the guys are winning this one! Oh well at least they are happy! After we got done with Bass Pro we grabbed something to eat and went back to the hospital! Everyone has been telling me that I will eventually get use to everything in the NICU and yes we are learning so much but no I will not get use to it! My heart breaks every time I walk in and see his tiny body laying there hooked up to so many wires and tubes! I cry almost every time and then sometimes when I am not there I cry-like now! My routine is right when I walk in the room and put my stuff down, I immediately pray over him! I put my hand on the incubator and pray. I don't care who is around or what they think! I know it works and it helps! Then I reach in and tell him Mommy is here and how much I love them. After that I fill him in with what is going on! I really think I have seen him smile when I talk about Jagger and farming! :)
Last night was scary for me. They finally took the ventilator off. I know he felt much better because they took all that stuff out of his mouth and now he just has a cpap! Cpap is just the tube in his nose! I was very nervous because this is a big step! I know it had to be done because he has been breathing so well on machine but I don't want him to struggle! After we left the hospital i called several time to check on him! This morning when we got there the doctor came in and several thing were a little out of whack and immediately I start to panic but then the doctor reassures me its fine, this is normal because he is getting adjusted to new machine! This made me feel much better! The rest of the day has been good! I have been kind of been down and its not for any reason! I am happy to be in bed and hope to get some sleep tonight.
Hope everyone has a blessed night!


  1. I pray for you and your family daily. Just don't always make it to the blog to tell you. You are such an amazing & strong mama.

  2. I was so excited to find your blog! I rarely find any bloggers from Missouri. I initially started back at the beginning of your blog, but a recent post caught my eye and I read about the recent events. I pray for you, your baby, and your family. I am originally from St. Louis so I know you are in amazing hands at Cardinal Glennon.
    I went to school at Southeast Missouri State and currently live in Ste Genevieve, MO. I am a teacher and have a 3 and a half year old son and a 15 month old son.
    I will continue to pray for your family and look forward to hearing about all of the amazing accomplishments that your sweet baby makes!