Tuesday, January 8, 2013


We have been waiting for this day for 14 days...well actually about 6 months (when we found out we were pregnant!) So today we finally got to HOLD him! Yay God is good! I had so many emotions going waiting on the chance to get my hands on him. I was nervous, anxious, sad, and super happy! I know you are wondering why I had these feeling but I just did! I was nervous because I have never held a 2lb baby with tons of wires and tubes! Its very nerve racking, and the funny thing is we were nervous with Jagger and his almost 10lb self! This is a whole new ballgame for us! I was anxious because they had told us last night we could hold him but then we couldn't so I was more than ready! I was sad because this is not how I wanted the first time I hold my baby to be like! I would have LOVED for his big brother to be there to see him and hold him, but again not the plans God had for our family! I was super Happy... Well I don't have to explain this one :)
The experience for Matthew and I was so special that I didn't want it to end! We got to do the skin on skin( this is where we take our shirt off and they put baby directly on our chest!) this is also called Kangaroo care! Its highly recommended for preemies because it helps them gain weight, promotes higher temps, regulates breathing and plus what baby doesn't like to be cuddled by mommy and daddy! Its just makes everything better!
The last day or so has been good! Grandma Betty, Pa Don, Aunt Claire and Jagger came up to visit! We were so happy to see them! We love our family so much it hurts! We are truly blessed to have wonderful family! I had my doctors appointment at 9 in the morning and they were here a little after lunch! Doctor said I looked great and that I am done with blood pressure meds! That made my day! And also we laughed because they weighed me for the first time since before I had little guy! I weighed 160 the morning I had him and at the doctor I weighed 122! Wow. That is how much fluid and other junk I had inside of me! So anyways, once They got here we went and grabbed some lunch! Our new favorite place here in St Louis is Panera! We love the food and of course the dessert! Yummy! After lunch we came back to Ronald McDonald and did Christmas presents! Yes, Christmas presents! We still had not opened presents from Grandma so she brought them up! We had a lot of fun! Next it was off to the hospital! This is always hard with Jagger because he doesn't understand why he cant go see his brother and it breaks my heart! I just cry with him! I know the day they finally see each other it is going to be one special moment for us! The rest of the night was pretty boring. Matthew and Jagger stayed at the hotel with Pa Don, Claire stayed with me at Ronald McDonald, and Grandma decided she wanted to stay with Hudson! Lets just say the nurses this morning said she didn't get any sleep because every time one of the machines beeped-which is alot-she was up asking if her grandbaby was ok! I know Hudson was glad to have her there!
Today when they left it was hard on me! Jagger kept asking me when I was moving home! All of this has been hard but I think this is one the hardest things! All I can do is hold the tears back tell him I love him and we will be home soon! Then the minute he walks out the door I cry like a baby! The rest of the day Matthew and I spent with Hudson! It was a quite afternoon/night which we like!
Praying for some good sleep tonight!
Hope everyone had a blessed day and night!
Love you all


  1. Oh your family has been so strong thru this and I have watched as you grew in the Lord.

    You both have helped me grow as well as others and at our house we discuss where you are daily and pray for you.

    We have grown to love you so much.

    Barb Cuff

  2. Megan I saw your Mom today at lunch and decided to write you this. I can't begin to know what you are going through but we had a very small part of what you are going through with our youngest Nathan ( who is now 11yrs old). He was born on Manday, July 23rd at 3:20 pm and by 11:30 pm he was flown to Arkansas Childrens Hospital to have a breathing treatment for his lungs. He was three weeks early but full term, he weighed 7lbs. 11ozs. but he had not produced a chemical in his lungs that is needed to help the lungs not to stick together. We were their for 8 days. Which seemed like forever at the time. And it was Wednesday before I got to hold him for the second time. Even though he was almost 8lbs. with the oxygen tube, feeding tube and all the wires it was scary. That is not an easy thing. Everything you are feeling is normal. And it was hard for us not to be with our older son who was 8yrs old at the time too. Everything will work out because you have put your trust and faith in the Lord, Jesus. - Susan Wortham