Monday, January 14, 2013

Better Days!

I'm so happy because yesterday and today have been better days! Its about time! We truly understand what everyone was telling us when they said two or three days forward and a couple of days back! And trust me those couple of days back are not fun! I am tired of crying. I am ready for normal. I think God has been dealing with me over the last few days because I have been moping around feeling sorry for myself and then boom we have met three families that have it worse than we do! And when I say worse I mean we dont even come close to what they are dealing with! These are wonderful people and I am so happy God has brought us into each others lives! One family has a three year old who is dying of a very rare form of cancer and the wife is pregnant about to have a baby any day. One lady delivered twins at 24 weeks, lost one 12 hrs later. The baby that survived has had 4 emergency surgeries and they have been here over 100 days! The other girl has a little boy who has the rarest form of leukemia. It breaks my heart. I have my moments and then God reminds me of these families. Isnt it funny how you meet others and that makes you more appreciative of your situation?
So Hudson has had two pretty good days. Not much change. They say the antibiotic is helping bc they are seeing improvements! He came off the bili light again! I love when he is off the light because we can actually see him! He looks so much like Jagger except he has black almost curly hair!   He is up to 2 lbs 9 ounces so we finally are gaining weight! Today I got to help change his diaper, give him a bath( 1st time!) and then I got to hold him! The only reason I got to hold him was because they were changing his bed out so God blessed me with this! I was there at the right time! The rest of the day was pretty uneventful! I got caught up on some much need sleep!
Hope everyone has a blessed night!

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  1. Girl, I'm glad your perspective has been changed - sometimes that's VERY hard! I'm glad you've met some families that can understand your situation a little better than most of us...and I'm so glad you can help each other through it. I'm just glad for this post! And I cannot wait to see that curly black hair!