Friday, January 4, 2013


Do you ever get so exhausted you feel like your whole body is just going to stop functioning!? This how I felt yesterday. My body and brain were just tired! It is amazing how much information we are taking in everyday.. All the terms, stats, etc.. Its pretty much overwhelming but I do feel like God has opened up our minds so that we have caught on quickly! Several times a day we are have a nurse or nurse practitioner that goes over how he is doing! Everyone is so awesome about explaining EVERYTHING to us. They do not let anything happen without telling us, and we are truly grateful for that!
Yesterday was a pretty quite day, which we like! The nurses have given us some super advice. Don't let your highs be too high and your lows be too low! It has finally hit us that we are going to be here for at least two months, so we best make the most of it! We are in for a very long journey but I know we are going to be ok! I just feel it! God is constantly talking to me and comforting me. Satan has had his moments with me too and its not cool!
Yesterday Matthew and I were so happy because GiGi and Pa brought our sweet Jagger up to be with us! i just wanted to cry when I saw him! We have missed him so much it hurts! I just pray that this separation does not affect him! I pray everyday that he knows how much we love him. When they got here Matthew and I had been at the hospital so we went to eat some lunch and then off to where else BUT Cabela's! Wwwoooohhhooo! The boys were all super excited! When we got there we found me a wheelchair and Jagger decided he would sit with me! It felts so good to hold my sweet boy! I didn't want to let him go! We had a really good time and it was nice to just get out! After that we came back to Ronald McDonald and just hung out! Another awesome thing was that my mom and dad came up! I was super happy to see them also! I have missed them very much too! All of our family has been great support! Matthew and I thank God for them everyday, several times a day. I cant imagine going through this without them! Once we finally got everyone settled we all kind of went our own ways! Jagger and Matthew went and spent the night with GiGi and Pa at the hotel. Jagger was so excited about getting to swim, so while they went that direction my mom, dad and I went to the hospital to spend some quality time with Hudson! He was so sweet! They had him all bundled up laying on his side and he was sleeping so peaceful! I cant hardly wait to hold him! I just stand at the ventilator and cry because he is so precious! I just feel helpless and wish there was something I could do!
After being there for several hours we decided we were hungry! It is very hard for me to leave him at night but I know he is in good hands! We ran to Target (i have always LOVED Target but it has become our best friends since we have been there. I seriously think we have been every single day!) and then got something to eat! By the time we were done eating I felt like I had been beat up! My body hurt I was so tired, and it actually did hurt from the surgery ( it was definitely time for meds) we got back to Ronald McDonald and it took no time for us to be asleep!
I am praying we have another quite day!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!

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  1. Carrie's dad.. praying and rejoicing with you !