Sunday, January 13, 2013

Birthday Weekend!

Wow! What a weekend we have had! I had actually planned on blogging each day of the weekend but I am now some what getting use to my plans being changed! As you can see I did not blog any this weekend so I will play catch up.
Friday- Gigi, Pa, Aunt Claire and Jagger came up. Jagger's birthday was on Thursday but we all told him it was Friday so he would think Matthew and I was with him on his day! We were so excited to see our guy! I actually got up, took a shower and straightened my hair and wore JEANS! Two things I havent been able to do in almost a month. There are so many little things I will never take for granted again(thank you God for making me aware of these things)! It was so cool because the Ronald McDonald house put a birthday sign on our door and left Jagger a St. Louis cardinals blanket, a build a bear puppy, and a game for his birthday! We of course told him it was from Ronald himself! He thought that was the coolest thing ever! So when they got here we let Jagger open present from Matthew,Hudson and I. After presents it was time for lunch then to the Arch! We decided to eat at the Cheesecake Factory! Jagger was disappointed that were not machines everywhere making cheese! :) oh well the food was amazing and once we finished our real food Jagger told us he wanted a piece of that cheese pie they make! He keeps us cracking up! Well it wad finally time for the Arch! I have never been in the Arch and honestly the closer we got the more nervous I got- plus Matthew kept telling me that the small elevator we ride in would lean on its side going up and once we got to the top I would feel it sway back and forth! In my mind I am thinking,"and why are we bringing our 4 year old to this?", but this is what he wanted to do for his weekend! We get inside and get to our elevator! It is this teeny tiny little box and we are suppose to squeeze all 6 of us in this thing and ride for 4 minutes 630 feet in the air!!!! What are we thinking???? But we do and make it to the top! It was so neat!!!!! We all enjoyed it until we are ready to come down and Matthew's phone rings.....I knew immediately who it was, the hospital! We were in the process of getting back in the elevator to head down while he is trying to listen. The phone service kept going in and out. That was the longest ride down ever! I was sick! By the time we got to the bottom I was starting to panic! I was just ready to leave and head to hospital! All Matthew had heard on the phone before he lost service was infection, spinal tap and thats all! We were all sick! Jagger was so mad at us when we left him at the Arch with Gigi and Pa! I understand why! This was his birthday time and mommy and daddy are having to leave! I cried the whole way to the hospital. When we get there the nurse practitioner and Hudson's awesome primary nurse, Lisa are there ready to talk. They explain to us his gases were through the roof, he is not breathing well, he has an infection, they need us to sign consent forms to do spinal tap, we need to sign papers to give him more blood, and then explaining all the bad things that COULD happen. I couldn't take it any more! I sat down in the rocking chair and bawled my eyes out. I cried because of my baby being sick and then having to leave my baby on his day! The nurses were so sweet. They just stood there and told me to just cry and get it out! After I finally got calmed down and we got everything signed Matthew and I went and sat in the parents waiting room so they could do what they needed to. After about 15 minutes they came and got us and told us to come back to his room, the doctor would be in. Dr. Anderson came in and explained that all the tests that they ran would confirm what he had but they wanted to start antibiotics immediately. She also tells us the tests will not come back until the morning so we should leave and try to get some rest! Trust me.. much easier said than done, but we finally leave and go get some rest! It was the first night in a month that I slept in the same bed with Matthew and Jagger! It was a great way to spend my night!
The next morning when we get up we call to check on Hudson and are happy to hear that he is already improving. His gases went down and so far the tests that had come back were negative. After that report we felt it would be safe to spend time with Jagger. Cracker Barrel for Breakfast! Yummy! My pancakes were so good! Im seriously going to have to start watching what I am eating around here! After Cracker Barrel, it was time for The Magic House! The Magic House is this HUGE children's museum! There are tons of super awesome exhibits! We stayed there for 3 hours, if not longer! Jagger would have stayed all day! We will for sure be going back there! Once we got done at the magic house, it was time for a nap before the hospital! The nap was amazing and much needed! I am doing really well recovering but I have to watch myself! I am bad about over doing it and then I am struggling. My whole body was hurting after a full two days of lots of walking! Saturday night was nothing special! Matthew and I stayed at hospital until bed time then we went to the hotel and crashed! Matthews mom let us stay in the hotel so Jagger could swim and they stayed at Ronald McDonald in our room! We have the best family in the world!
Sunday morning I was dreading. I actually fell asleep crying and holding Jagger. I just did not want them to leave. It was a fun weekend that I didn't want to end! I'm so happy that God is with me all the time because I don't think I could make it through all this without him!

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