Saturday, March 26, 2011

God is Great!

I am sitting here on this wonderful morning missing my husband and sweet baby boy, but I am almost in tears because I know how blessed I am to be apart of this wonderful weekend at the church! Last night was so much fun! Most of the girls got their showers so they wouldnt have to this morning, which was fine with me!!! More hot water for me this morning!!! ;) After the showers, we all got comfy, piled on the bed, and started our lessons. The lessons were so great! It is awesome to know that these kids know so much about Jesus and what it takes to be good christians! The conversations/discussions were amazing, and I am excited that they are willing to open up to me! I know sometimes as a teen that is a hard thing to do! After our lessons, we played Scattergories! Love this game! All I have to say is - FUNNY!!!! Ok, so my only problem with this game is that either you have players that argue EVERY answer or players like me that have answer that are pretty basic and straight forward! I mean when it says give a "x" letter barn animal, I put nothing. The way I look at it is that my two year old LOVES Farms! We have several farm toys at the house! The animals that come with them are Cow, Horse, Sheep, Duck, Cat, Dog, Pig, Goat, and Chickens!!! I mean there is no animal with a letter "X" so we don't need to make up some kind of crazy animal!! ;) After several rounds of this hysterical game, and it being 2 AM, I finally said we needed to turn the lights off and try to get some sleep!
This morning I was the first one up of course! 6 came early!! but I got my shower done and enjoyed a cup of coffee! on my second cup now!!!! will probably require one more! It might be a long day but will be totally worth it!
Can't get pictures to load, but I will keep trying!!! Pray that we have a great day!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!

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