Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Well, today has been so rainy! but I did not let it rain on my PARADE! ;) I had an amazing day! and I have thanked our most gracious Father in Heaven for this great day!
Today we finally got a car!! Yes, no more searching! Yes, no more dealing with mean car salesmen that want to give us less than half for our car! Yes, no more stressing over what we can afford and what we can't! Its done and Matthew and I are so happy!
It's a 2011 Black GMC Terrain!! I had to use the stock photo because my camera has a dead battery and it was raining! Matthew and I have never owned a vehicle with zero miles..It was neat to get a car with a good warranty and know that whenever something goes wrong, we will be taken care of! oh and the gas mileage is 24 in town and 32 or 33 on the highway! can't beat that! Jagger loves his new car! He wants to take everyone on a ride in it! ;)
Now that the car is taken care of, it is time to move on to other things! Matthew and I have been remodeling our house since I have moved in! Did I mention I HATE remodeling! blah....it makes me go from happy to sad in about 1 mintue! Its not that I hate the remodeling, its the fact that we are living here while it is going on! I have OCD when it comes to cleaning, so if you know about remodeling, you know that your house does not stay clean! We had literally sworn off any kind of home project till this summer, but I volunteered us for several things going on at the church and now Matthew is in a panic to get things done! - Let me just explain, that my husband loves to do home projects. He loves to tear in to something he has no clue how to do. I on the other hand, do not. I would rather have someone come in professionally and finish it completely. Matthew will just rip a door off the hinges and start tearing down trim without finishing it!!!!!!!! Seriously? but when he does get finished it looks beautiful! Maybe this is that good pressure he needs to get it done! instead of me hounding him all the time! ;) 
Hope everyone had a great, blessed day!

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