Friday, March 11, 2011

Simple day!

Yesterday was a very simple day! Jagger and I stayed in our jammies ALL day long!! yes, I know some people think this is crazy and that I am wrong for doing this, but who cares? we had a blast!!!! We only left the house once to go pay a bill!
I got all of my house work done, so that made it even better. This shows you what we did all day!!!!! :) I am so glad that God has blessed Matthew and I so I can be apart of this!

found this idea on Kelly's Korner!! He had a blast playing with this ice! It kept him entertained for over an hour!!!
Did we play or what?
I am sure that everyone knows what all is going on around the world! The earthquake, tsunami's, fighting, gas prices, etc. I just think that we all are in a very scary time. I have really been praying for the lost, and just that God would have mercy and protect us all. Hope everyone else is doing the same!
Hope you have a super blessed day!!!

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  1. Love your blog! Your son is adorable! Following from Baby Cakes!