Wednesday, March 2, 2011

One of THOSE days!!

Yesterday was one of those days!! It seemed like everything was going wrong and today as I sit here with my wonderful cup of coffee I am actually cracking up at all the things from yesterday. I feel like God is showing me to just relax and not let things get the best of me. Don't sweat the small stuff. God has really been testing me with Jagger! My sweet little Jagger has turned into a trantrum throwing typical two year old toddler!! It seems like it happened over night. Matthew and I have been asking each other what happened to our little boy? All day yesterday it was just constantly chasing Jagger telling him No, don't do that, watching him fall on the floor and throw fits, growl when he got mad, and scream and throw stuff. I mean sersiuosly by the end of the night I was almost in tears and exhausted.
Jagger and I worked The Byrd's Nest yesterday. It was not busy, so Jagger watched Little Bear and I got to get some things done. After we left there we went to Wal-Mart! I had already told him that we would go, so there was no backing out because he was reminding me every 2 minutes. We get to Wal-Mart, pull in the parking-lot, I get my purse to make sure I had everything and I notice I had no money, debit card or checks!!!!! Are you serious??? I have a two year old in the backseat saying Wal-Mart over and over and now I have no money! So I tell Jagger that we are going to have to run home and get some money and we will be right back! He throws a major fit! Screams and crys the whole way home. I run as fast as I can inside to grab some money and hurry back to Wal-Mart. He finally gets happy when he sees Wal-Mart! By this time I hate Wal-Mart!!!!!! We get inside, get what we need and head home. This is what we end up with!

You think my child is spoiled? No, we had been talking about getting him this for awhile now, and since it has warmed up outside I wanted him to have something to play on outside. When we got home I put the thing together so he could play on it and he LOVED it! So, while he was playing I was going to get online and grab a quick recipe for the dinner I had planned on cooking! Well, my computer decided it didn't like me and completely shut down. and when I mean shut down, I mean shut down. Like no home screen with a message that says call HP! I spent almost 20 minutes trying to fix it myself and couldn't do anything and by the time I got done I was just mad!! I was so upset by the time Matthew got home, he was ready to go back to work!
After all this we decided to just go to Jonesboro and get our new mattress. We would just get dinner on the way down there. Not my favorite idea but it worked! The whole way to Jonesboro Jagger whined and cried. It was awful. Matthew and I both were on edge the whole night. There were several times I had to just turn my head and say a small prayer to help me get through it all. Between a whining and crying two year old and a husband that was on edge, I was ready for a new day!
Like I said, I look back on yesterday and it was pretty funny! I am just glad that God has blessed me with a family. I know there are going to be great days and not so good days but that is just part of it!

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  1. Bless your heart! What a day! At least you weren't car shopping ha!