Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday!

Today was a great day! It was one of those days that went nothing like I had thought it would. God definately had something else planned for me today!
I was so happy because this morning when I got up, Jagger was still asleep so I got to enjoy a cup of coffee and watch my daily Joyce Meyers that I record!! I am a huge Joyce Meyers fan!! Have her books and I LOVE listening to her cds on my way to Searcy!!! She just really puts a spark in me- and she is super funny! Even Matthew enjoys listening to her!  I truly believe that she has helped me grow in my walk with God! If you haven't heard of her, find her on tv or radio, but beware she is very blunt and will put you in your place quick! but sometimes I think that is what we all need.
Anyways, back to the story, so I am watching my Joyce and drinking a cup of coffee when I get a text message. (normally when I am watching Joyce, I turn my phone off because this is my time to study and really listen to what she is saying, but for some reason today I had the phone on and close to me!!! ) The text message was from my dear friend Jennifer. She was telling me that her mom was in the ER with chest pains...I was shocked and scared...She then text me and told me that Nolen, her 3 year old, was with Mrs. Janet Scherer and that everything was going good! so I didn't worry about anything and continued on with my show. After Joyce was over, I put a hat on my head, and loaded up my stuff to take to Helping Hands. Jagger and I ran to the bank and Helping Hands. While I was in the car, I just felt like God was telling me to stop by Mrs. Janet's and let Jagger hang with Nolen. I knew that Mrs. Janet doesn't have little ones running around, so Nolen might be bored. ( sorry Mrs. Janet-nothing towards you!!!! ) Nolen was so glad to see Jagger, and vice versa! While we were there, Mrs. Janet told me that her husband was coming home to watch Nolen so that she could run to the church to a visitation. I told her that I would just take Nolen with me. Both the boys would be happy to play together and I think Mr. Scherer was glad too that Nolen was going to hang with us!! ;)
While Nolen was with us, we went to McDonalds and got some lunch. We then came home and they played and played!!! I am so glad that we got to bring Nolen with us. It's great how things work out! Mrs. Janet got to go to visitation without having to worry about Nolen, and Jagger had a friend to play with!
this was taken while the boys were suppose to be in time out for breaking my mirror!!!
After we dropped Nolen off, Jagger and I went to church to help with Building By Faith dinner! I have such a great time at our church! It is just a wonderful place to be! We ate great food and had some very yummy desserts!
God was just really a part of today, as Mrs. Janet said because if I wouldn't have stopped by her house to check on them, then I wouldn't have got Nolen and then I wouldn't have known they needed help at church tonight! God is so good, and he is always there when we need him!
Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord, is the Rock eternal. Isaiah 26:4
Hope everyone had a great day!

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