Thursday, March 3, 2011

Just Me and Jag!

Today was just a Mommy and Jag day! We did nothing today! We were both in our pjs almost all day! Wow! Those days do not happen too often. Jagger has not been feeling too well so that was part of the problem. He was cranky all day, so we just laid around and just spent time with each other. I love these days because its just me and him and I can enjoy him 100 PERCENT!!!
Ok, so something has really been on my mind lately. Its called extreme couponing. It is amazing. I think there is even a tv show about it on TLC. I have found a few blogs on this and its unreal. These women clip coupons and watch when stuff goes on sale. They go to a store and will come out with $75 worth of stuff for around $15!!!!!!!! I mean are you serious? I am thinking I need to learn how to do this, and what's even more amazing is that the stuff is name brand stuff....I am going to read into more of this and see where it takes me! Maybe I can start getting some good deals! Everyone loves good deals! especially when gas is $3.29 and rising! Blah! :(

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  1. There's a couponing class in Dyersburg right now! I think you and I and Steph should check it out :)