Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Feeling Tired....

I don't know what my deal is but it seems that every since time change my body has been so tired...blah I hate feeling like this. I have even felt sad today. I have no reason to feel sad but I am. We have done nothing special today, just ran some errands for my mom. I am ready to be back in Kennett. I love coming to visit but it is always nice to be back home.
The good things of my day have been:
this coffee is so good! even people who don't drink coffee like it!
1. a wonderful cup of my favorite coffee 
2. SUSHI for lunch- yum....i have had so many favorites in a matter of two days it makes me not want to come home to kennett! ;)

3. got to spend some time in the Christian book store here in town. I love Christian bookstores. I can stay in them forever! and I always spend way too much money! oh well, guess its a good place to spend money!
Overall, I guess if I look back at my day, I need to stop this mood I am in and know that I am more than blessed and having to nothing to feel bad about.
Hope everyone has had a blessed day!

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